I think I have fallen and I can’t get up….

…out of this moving box that is. LOL

We are moving houses to the town where my hubby works (about an hour away) and it is not a fun process…although I am trying like mad to pretend that it is in the hopes that I can trick my brain…..yup, I believe this is the best week of my life and we will have great fun boxing up our life and eating lots of pizza. 🙂
So that is where I have been for a week and will be for the next week. I am waiting to move my office stuff until last, so I can probably swing a new image or two by Tuesday. So do check back on Tuesday and see if I made it…I can’t guarantee it, but I shall try. 🙂
But I am not making it around to blogs or doing much of anything else, so please forgive me and I will be back in the swing around the middle of August. 🙂
Now, does anyone have a crane to get me out of this box???? LOL

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  • Just keep telling yourself, that it's for the good of LB, and remember you've still got the house in the country and can do weekends. Wish I was close enough to help.

  • You soooo have my sympathy Christy. My hubby used to move for work about every 3 years(residential staff) so I'd be somewhere just long enough to unpack the last box before he'd come home and say"guess what?". The worst was when I was 6 months pregnant, and he came home to tell me we were moving in 3 weeks!!! But I have lived in some brill places and met some amazing people so what the hay? Life should be an adventure right? XXX

  • Aww.. hope you are digging yourself out of those boxes & that I was closer to be able to help!

    Sending Hugs!

  • What an grand adventure for you, Christy, you lucky girl! And who doesn't love a mountain of boxes to play in…you're never too old to make cardboard forts, right?
    How did I do in keeping you in the positive spirit of moving? 😉

  • awww hun, sending hugs your way, bet it feels a bit endless now, there is light at the end of the tunnel though!!!! have anther slice of pizza and carry on!!!!! romfl!!!!

  • Hi Christy! A new move is always exciting and the hard work that goes with it will be worth every drop of sweat! Good luck with the move and keep smilin'….

  • you better send me your new info 🙂 Hope the news goes well and I bet your family is sad that you will be moving further away. Good luck!