A Plug for my Rubbah Half :)

Just a quick reminder that Stamping Bella is having a new release this week…and she scored a coup by getting Mo to design some images for her. I am a huge fan of Mo! 🙂 Her images all make me smile, but especially that lovely-shaped grandma dancing. 🙂 I wanna be that sandal-wearing grandma in about 30 years. LOL

This is my last year to do so, but I teach reading 3 days a week at our local school and the other day I was reading with students and thought the illustrations looked like Mo’s digis….I checked and sure enough the illustrations were by MJM herself. I giggled out loud and I am sure the kids thought I was kooky (well, I am, but you know). 🙂

So a big welcome to the very talented Mo and go peek at da Bella’s new stuff on Friday and see what is up. I have some Izzies coming out (I think :D).


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