Calendar from Now Until Mid April

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to share where I see this group going in the near and distant future. (I can’t get it all done this week, even though I would like to. LOL ) I want to meet as many expectations as possible and that is going to take a little time so here are my thoughts for the next month.

First, the quickest way to get updates is going to be following this blog. New stamps will posted here, along with news. There is a RSS link in the Tiddly Inks PCP group (look at the section below the cupcake tree) or you can follow here. I want this to be the main central place to post and for people to check. I will post the freebies here to begin with too, but you will have to go to PCP to claim the image.

Second, my shop is sparsely filled with stamps at the moment BECAUSE I am (shh, don’t tell anyone :D) building a shop that will allow instant downloads. It will be ready in a few weeks, so I am trying not to release too many images and, instead, have a big splash when the shop opens. I love Etsy, but the emailing of files is somewhat time-consuming and difficult as I am not always at the computer to send files. SOOOO, in a few weeks, I will be regularly posting new images in the NEW SHOP and it will be much easier to shop when the images are instantly downloaded and you don’t have to wait for me.

Third, free images will be released each Tuesday. Some images will be small, some will combinations of things…but all will be fun. And if you don’t like this week, check back next Tuesday. Let’s call it TIDDLY TUESDAYS! 🙂 I will get a badge up soon for you to remind yourself and others. 🙂

Third, let’s start a design team. 🙂 I have time to draw, but not much time to create examples and it is inspirational to see gorgeous work. I will begin submissions Monday, March 21. I will pick a free image and post it and then whoever wants to submit a card, can post it to the new challenge blog (I just have to create one over the weekend LOL). Submissions will be open for 2 or 3 weeks and then we can have a voting process that lasts a few weeks. After that, we can start creating sketches and challenges for everyone to participate in.

I am so excited to begin bringing new images and seeing your creativity flow. 🙂 Yeah!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm over the past two days. 🙂 If I didn’t think of something important, please let me know or if you have suggestions, share those too….Can’t wait. 🙂

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