Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Going to the Dogs--- Cute Dogs!

Hey all! We recently got a new puppy that we rescused from the pound. She is about 4 months old purebred Staffordshire Terrier and a hilarious, stocky little thing. She is bound and determined not to be housetrained, but she is remarkably calm and friendly---which means she will be a terrible guard dog when she is older---she might lick you to death. LOL

Anyway, we got her by "default" as I had another puppy in mind when we went to the pound, but Mia stole our hearts and she was the one that came home. I originally wanted a little Scottie-looking pup who inspired me to draw these little cuties, but was in quarantine---and 3 weeks later is still not out, poor puppy. I hope he gets better and finds the right family.





Hope you have a great day! Please stop by our latest challenge and add your sparkly puppy creation to our next challenge

Monday, September 8, 2014

Halloween Fairy Tales!

Hi all! Aren't you just loving the creations by the new DT members? They are totally knocking our socks off with their amazing personalities and gorgeous creations. We are so happy to have them all joining us for the next few months. 

And  I have a new set of digital images for you! I recently took my daughter to watch Maleficent and we loved it. I normally don't draw movie characters, but when I got home, my own version of some characters just sort of trickled out and I was pleased with them. LOL So why not share? It is getting close to Halloween (yes, it is!!) and I think all of these are great for more than one occasion as you will see from the DT samples....they are amazing!!! 

Check them out as you meet Dark Queen, Baby Dragon Queen, Drago, and White Queen below. Several of the ladies used Castles from the shop too...so have fun making some scenes---like Cheryl's! Every image/paper on her creation came from Tiddly Inks! Now that is amazing!

Dark Queen

New DT! Welcome

I am so excited to introduce our new DT members. They have already produced some amazing and truly gorgeous images over the past week and I ...