Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meet the new DT!

Welcome all to the big reveal of the new DT members! :) First, I have to say that I am totally overwhelmed by the responses and the AMAZING cards....thank you so much for the considered creations and lovely posts. I was so overwhelmed and inspired by the creativity and lovely, kind words. There were well over 100 outstanding, spectacular cards and that made it extremely hard to narrow down. I have visited each blog, but most of the time, I simply lurked silently. LOL

But believe me, I have visited and revisited and made lists, and made new lists, and then worked on them some more. :) And in the end, with a lot of thought, I have selected a few top candidates. However, I could have made this a much bigger list than the top 7 people, so I will be hosting another DT call in mid-December. I am going to keep making changes every 4 months so we will keep rotating team members and have new members more often. Hopefully you will all have a chance to be on the team. How does that sound??

Since there were so many amazing cards and I couldn’t narrow it totally down, I created 2 main groups for this time.

Let’s start with my TOP 25 and then reveal the new final members. 

These entries were not selected as finalists, but I thought they needed some recognition for being outstanding. If your name is below, please grab the Top 25 badge and proudly post it on your blog...

Shanna - 92
Nikky - 96
Cristena - 29
Melissa - 46
Dana Joy - 77
Vero Coli - 26
Pam T - 22
Trinity Rose - 10
Valchen - 63
Laine -64
Cibele - 66
Goldie - 85
Holly T - 74
Freckles Place - 69
Monica - 104
Lis M - 84
Shell B - 61
Stephanie - 52
Scrapkonst - 50
Tracy Crafty - 89
Very Belle - 91
Sara - 94
Kerri - 99
Christine - 68
Crafting Belle - 65

If you were not selected as a finalist this time, please consider re-entering in mid-December when the terms of the current finalists ends. I plan to implement more consistent DT tryouts and allow more members to join us.
And now we have the top 7 finalists for the DT positions....drum roll, please. 
Please meet the new designers for the Tiddly Inkers. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Design Team Selections Coming Soon

Hi all! I am here to say a huge thank you! Selecting finalists from such an amazing group is going to be very difficult. And there are some AMAZING entries. In fact, almost 100 amazing entries and somehow I have to whittle that down to 6 finalists. That leaves quite a few unselected entries---which I deeply regret. Recently, I have had some personal experience with not being selected for a position, so I thought I would share...

I recently moved and as many of you know I was a science teacher by day. Well, at this time, I am not a science teacher because I have not yet been hired----although I have interviewed for 2 positions. And let me just tell you that this has sent me in to full "worried" mode---I keep asking myself: did I say the wrong thing in the interview? why didn't they select me? The self-induced panic over not being selected is something new to me and quite frankly, unpleasant---contrary to my recent experience, I have always been hired on the spot, literally. LOL I know what you are thinking: deep thoughts for a DT call, but life is all about these little moments and how we handle them.

Although I will probably never know why I wasn't picked for either job, I know that I interviewed with a large crowd of highly qualified candidates---similar to this pool for the DT! And so this DT call has given me a new perspective on my personal doubts. In this group, I have 100 amazing and fully qualified candidates. What leads to one card being picked and not another? It is really hard to quantify---and it takes a lot of tick marks on a spreadsheet. :) So, many of you may not be selected for this team, but like me, it doesn't mean there is a lack of qualifications or skills, only that there are only a few spots and so many candidates; I hope disappointment doesn't ruffle you, unlike me.

Thank you all again for dedicating time to join us and share your beautiful and creative creations. I know I have gone back to each entry more than once and feel very humbled and happy to see each lovely creation.

I will be holding another DT tryout at the end of the finalist's terms in mid-December, so I hope you will come back then and join us again if this isn't your moment.

See you soon with the final selections after the list closes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Design Team Call

Hi ya everyone!  We are doing something a bit special here at Tiddly Inks. Typically, we hand pick members for our design team as members move on, but to shake things up a bit, we have decided to hold a DESIGN TEAM CALL!!! We know there is talent out there that we might miss and we don't want to miss meeting you all!

How do you apply? 
Simple. Create a special card just for this DT call using your FAVORITE Tiddly Inks image.  Don't have a favorite and love them all? Include any T. Inks image on your card--it can be a digital stamp or a clear stamp (don't forget the digital papers too).

Then link up your creation to the linky below and we will come and visit your blog.  Make sure to write up your post as if you are a Tiddly member, linking your image to the store.

What do we look for in a team member at Tiddly Inks?

Besides being a friendly crafter, we would expect that you:
  • lead with your own sense of style that comes through in your posts and photographs
  • have a blog to showcase your creations, and be able to post one Tiddly Inks creation a week.  Tiddly Inks usually has multiple releases each month, so often you will create more projects, but you can use most of those for the weekly posts.
  • be reliable and on-time with creations and commenting on challenge entries; we have calendars and split duties to make it easier for everyone to meet these obligations.
  • maintain integrity around digital images. That means NO sharing and NO pinning of unwatermarked images. 
  • maintain a kind approach to commenting and participating with other bloggers---no drama :)  
  • are selective and not on "too many" design teams.

What do you get in return?

We know that creating a card a week is only done as a labor of love, but we want it to be worthwhile too, so we offer:
  • A great group of ladies to socialize with and be inspired by. This may be the best part of being on a team of the sweetest crafters around---hands down!
  • Access to the entire store at Tiddly Inks for your term.  Any digital image, paper or sentiment is yours to use.  Most of Christy's images are drawn digitally even if they aren't in the store that way and she provides them for DT members.  Sometimes, you will receive clear stamps if quantity and shipping allows it.  
  • An opportunity to be showcased time after time on the Tiddly Inks blog and challenge blog with links to your creative place---you will meet new folks for sure.

If you are interested, link up your fabulous creation below.  We will leave the DT call open until Aug 12.  The linky will close August 12 at 11:59 PM CST.

Feel free to share this badge so that your best friend can enter too....hmmm, yeah, go ahead and post it love her and aren't worried about a friendly competition.  Maybe we get to pick you both!!! :)

The good news is that we need several new members so there is room for more than a few selections---which is good news for us as we know it will be hard to narrow down the field.

Good luck and we can't wait to meet you when you link up.

PS: You can submit more than one card---yes, if you like, but it isn't necessary to post more than one card to be qualified. 
Also if you Facebook, please share your creation in the Tiddly Inks Fan page--

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tiddly Tuesday - More Fairy and Teacher Images

Hey all! Welcome to Tiddly Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed the fairies last week. :) I have two more for you!

And since school is right around the corner. Meet a cute little Teacher Helper. You know my family is full of educators and school is getting to get started around here....I know it already started in some US states...Wow! Where has the summer gone for us in the northern hemisphere.

Friday, August 1, 2014

New DT! Welcome

I am so excited to introduce our new DT members. They have already produced some amazing and truly gorgeous images over the past week and I ...