Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whoops it's Wednesday! New Father's Day Images!

Well, whoops, we made it all the way to Wednesday and skipped right over Tiddly Tuesday, but I did finally get two new images listed. :) In honor of Father's Day (coming up in the US), I drew up two little fisher folks. My daughter LOVES to go fishing with her dad, so this is something for her to color for him on Father's Day...:) Now fishing is something I rarely did as a child since my father hated fishing. LOL...and then there was the time I had to have a fishhook removed by the doctor---still shudder over that lovely memory. Fishing is not my favorite thing, but I persevered and enjoyed drawing this sweet fishing experience... LOL

And then what would Wryn be without a little/big brother to bug when fishing, so meet brother HERE.
If you leave me some suggestions for sentiments, I may type them up and add them as a freebie for everyone, but I was feeling totally brain dead today and couldn't add a one...LOL Sooo, please inspire me...
EDIT: Added some colored samples...:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tiddly Tuesday - Beach Babes and a Guinea Pig too!

So happy Tuesday thoughts all. :) I have a new image and some old ones too just to kick off the summer time vacation....I am so excited that this is the last week of school around here. :) We have to drive 45 minutes to school each day and it will be an absolute joy to stay home and use that time to veg and swim.

Swimming?? Yes, you heard me....We are in the process of building a pool ourselves and I am so excited. We couldn't really afford to pay someone to put it in, but since we do live so far out of town, we needed something active and cool to do all summer---especially, since we live in Texas's 110 degree summers---and thought it would be well worth the effort and money. So instead of a vacation, we decided on a stay-swim-cation....I know it will be so fun and can't wait for it to be done. It is not large, but it should be big enough for 4 to 5 people to play and provide a fun deck and picnic area too..go hubby and dad (the poor guys building all this fun for the rest of us!!).
Anyway, all the water thoughts put me in the mood for a swimming image so...

Check out this tutorial for quick coloring using Beach Babe by T.Inks coordinator Melissa on her blog MelissaMade.  Don't you just love her hair technique??

This is Wryn's accessory pack of crab, shells, bucket and sentiment (inspired by Annie's card below). :) Each digi is in a separate file in the zip file. Remember you must unzip the files to find each image...

..and then there's Wryn's beach umbrella and sand castle. Both images come in one listing.

Lou using the sand castle (an older version however) 

If you would like one listing with all the beachy stuff and Wryn as well, you can click HERE for Wryn's Beach Bonanza for $7.
It includes an extra image that is only available in this listing.
And now onto....piggies?? I had forgotten about these cute little guinea pigs hidden in the basement until Arabella pulled one out this week for our new FLOWER CHALLENGE, so I thought we should move them over to the main here they are. :) Hope you get to use one in the challenge.

Samples by Ria (a former DT member)

So let's check out some amazing inspiration by the DT:

Lou using  Beach Bonanza (includes Wryn and a bunch of goodies)

Marlena using Beach Babe...

Hope you have a beachy day!!! Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tiddly Tuesday - and a new face!

Hi ya'll! I am so very happy to welcome you back to Tuesday and especially to introduce you to the new face on our team---Leah! :) This is a lovely creation for her official first post as a Tiddly Inker. Don't you just love her coloring of Be Bold Ballerina? Welcome Leah! :)

Did you meet Sisters on Sunday, well if not, here they are again....hehe Click HERE for the listing with the digital stamp and sentiment including Wryn, Flynn (there are other Flynns at Stamping Bella as a rubber stamp), and Emmaline.
And if you like the Sisters image, I have a new digital stamp with Emmaline all on her own.

Meet Emmaline in two versions...I wanted a face to match Wryn, but then I thought she also might need a grown up face, so I drew a different version as well....both versions will be in your zip file after purchase, so you may use whichever one suits you. A 2 for 1 deal...who can resist???? LOL
I colored the grown up version since it was something a little different and I wanted to see how I liked it. I am also interested to know which one you like...the simpler face or the more grown up face? If you have a preference, please leave me a comment and let me know. :)
And I have a lovely sample from Arabella to show off the simpler face. :)  Love the name tag with "fabulous"--and look at her hair!!
We don't have a new challenge this week, so you still have a week to enter our current challenge HERE! Many happy wishes for a lovely week and lots of crafting time!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! Meet Wryn's Sisters

I realize that this is the American Mother's Day, but it is the day our family celebrates, so Happy Sunday wherever you are. :D

It has been a lovely day so far. I was awoken (might I add, very bright and early) with a lovely book of hand drawn wildflowers (illustrated by my fabulous Little Bit) AND fresh flowers and muffins AND lots of hugs and kisses....and then I was instructed to sleep in (you know, since I wasn't already woken up hehe).

I am lucky in that my mother is still with us and usually literally next door to me. :) She is out of town this week and visiting my brother's family for my niece's first, time has flown. It seems like I just drew the Lilli Claire images when she was born....and now she is one. Happy birthday, Lily (the correct spelling)!

I am also lucky in that I am one of 3 sisters (I am the oldest--and thus wisest and most wonderful, just ask my sisters, they will of course agree...hmmmmm, maybe not!! LOL) and I wanted to create a sisters image using Wryn---so for Mother's Day, I did. :)

Meet Wryn's sisters Flynn (yes, you can find Flynn alone as a rubber stamp at Stamping Bella) and Emmaline. :) 
They are now available at the Tiddly store as a digital stamp (ready to print and color for your personal projects :D) . The terms of use are available HERE.
Click HERE to go the listing for Sisters and their FREE sentiment:
I hope you have a wonderful day--either remembering or celebrating with your mom or your mother figure. It really is a precious thing to be able to share your life with fantastic women---whether it is a sister or a mom or a friendly mother figure. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Special Tiddly Tuesday - Be Bold

Happy Tuesday thoughts!! :) Welcome back!

I drew this little dancer 6 or 7 months ago, but never really did anything with her until this please meet a delayed, but cute and quirky ballerina. This image started out with my daughter dressing up in a feathered mask---she loves masks and gets a new one at Halloween (about the time I drew this LOL). She prefers the masks to be fancy and she then wore one with feathers sticking up everywhere and that led to this idea....
But after I colored it, Little Bit informed me that I should have colored the feathers as peacock tail feathers....and made a blue tutu since it is her very favorite color....I mean, come on mom, grey is ugggglllyyyy.  Na-uh!!!, say I!! It is eeeelllleegggant! LOL

The sample also includes the free sentiment that comes with the image, but it will be in black type, not white. This sample was hand colored with Copics and then mixed up with some digital coloring in the background.

So please meet the "improperly" colored Be Bold, Be You Ballerina
(a digital stamp 300 dpi line art that is ready to be printed and colored. :D )

Annie Rose made this stunning sample!
And Lou made this adorable book (she actually used a Tiddly Inks paper in there too)
And totally off topic, a few days ago, we had Melissa the Birthday Bear make an appearance for our very own Melissa's birthday...
Wow...that is a lot going on, but we are not done yet...we saved the best for last.

So what makes this Tiddly Tuesday especially special? Well, we have some new faces to introduce to you. Last month we had quite a few guests join us for the birthday celebration and we were able to talk a few of them into joining the team....We are very proud to introduce (or re-introduce) 3 new and very delightful ladies who are now Tiddly Inkers:

Aren't they amazing?? If you want to visit all our DT members on the challenge blog, hop on over and get inspired by our whole team....I am so lucky to have such talented ladies working with the Tiddly images....I never get tired of seeing their creations. :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Beary Happy Birthday Wish to...

Hi everyone! Just popping in to share a new image for birthdays and a happy wish for a friend. I created this for a wonderful friend having a birthday today. She is not just a friend, but a constant source of help on my shop....If you haven't guessed, I am talking about my coordinator and good friend, Melissa. :) I hope you pop in to her blog and send her happy wishes--she truly does deserve all the love you send her way. :)

Happy Birthday Melissa!
Have a wonderful day, sweet lady! :)

And in honor of her birthday, meet Melissa the Birthday Bear

And as promised, another little freebie to create a plaque or inspirational canvas.
Just click to download it for your personal use.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tiddly Tuesday - Free Sentiments

Hello and howdy! Glad you popped in this fine Tuesday! :) I am posting a few little sentiments throughout the week, and today is the first set. :) I think these would make great little inspirational canvases or plaques....get crazy with them. There will be 2 more over the next few days. :) Just click on the picture to save the JPGs. Have fun creating something with them. :) Feel free to share your creations with me by linking your blog or by posting on the challenge blog. :)

New DT! Welcome

I am so excited to introduce our new DT members. They have already produced some amazing and truly gorgeous images over the past week and I ...