Sunday, March 18, 2012

Terms of Use Friendly Reminder - Please read

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Hi Everyone,
I want to thank everyone for a wonderful response to Wryn and the recent new makes me happy to connect with so many of you and your lovely creations. :)

While I love seeing all the happy creating and sharing on the blogs, there is one kind of sharing that makes me a little less happy.

I have had a lot of requests lately for using and sharing images (mostly in classes), which makes me wonder how many lovely artists are not asking. Let me just remind you (in the most friendly way) that when you buy a digital stamp or image you are only paying for THE RIGHT to use that image yourself. You are not buying the image, just paying for permission to use it on a personal basis.

Now specifically to address instructors of classes. I understand that many want to use images to teach a coloring class and so might print out one or two images per person in their class for everyone to color. This is not allowed or permissible under my Terms of Use. 

The low $3 price does not include a license to use it in classes or as giveaways or any other ways that involve free use.

Let me see if I can explain why without making anyone mad. This is sensitive subject as people jump to the conclusion that I am labeling this as intentional theft. However, for 99% of the classes or ways in which images are shared, the sharing is done with excitement and joy because you love the image and you want everyone else to know that (not to steal or intentionally break TOUs). For that, I do thank you, but let's try to reframe this gentle correction in a new way.

Scenario: You just found Wryn and you teach 15 people how to use Copics at the local scrapbooking center and you want each of them to love Wryn and have fun coloring. So you print out 3 different images for all 15 people in your class to color and practice on. That is 45 images ($3 each) for a total of $135 free products you just gave away. Now you say, but I am advertising for you, what is the big deal?? While I do appreciate the advertising, it isn't actually free.

What is the percentage of those 15 people who will come to my shop and purchase something from me? Or pass along the link to the shop? Truly, it will not be high. As I would in their place, most will simply enjoy their free products and some may come shopping, but it is doubtful that their purchases will add up to $135 in the near future. So while you did show 15 new people 3 new images, there is a better way to do that.
Instead of printing or forwarding the file to 15 people, please take a copy and the link so that you can show instead of share.
Now take it one step further, if your small class is sharing images, imagine the global impact...if there are 20 classes in the United States, 10 in Holland, and 15 in Australia (except those numbers are probably very low) doing the same thing, then my actual "advertising" cost is closer to $4,500 [45 classes at $100 free product per class)
If you want to share Wryn with your class, please email me and I will set up a discount coupon for people in the class so that they really will come and share the Tiddly Inks love.

Now the other side is the argument that if they didn't see it, they wouldn't purchase it anyway, so I get that side of it, but I am asking you to honor the terms of use anyway. There are many ways to appropriately share your love of the images without giving away the images. Show, but don't share....create and blog, but don't give away....pretty, pretty please.

So if you truly want to support an artist making her way through the new world of digital images and figuring how to work with people in the new world of digital art, then please follow the TOUs and allow me to draw and not police infractions. I hate doing it and I hate that I even have to bring it up...the terms are stated very clearly in advance.

I want to support you and your crafting and I ask the same in return. I am not a large company. I handle all my own emails and issues, so each time I have to spend 15 minutes tracking down a problem, it is 15 minutes that destroys creativity and detracts from more Wryns and images.

Thank you for your amazing support and understanding...I hope this clears it up and helps you see what I mean...if you are still unsure what is allowed, here is the long version:

The following is intended as a firm reminder...When you buy a digital stamp or image you are not buying a physical product, but rather THE RIGHT to use that image---just you though, not your family and friends (this does not include younger children who live with you :D). You are not buying the image, just paying for permission to use it on a personal basis. This is how many artists make their money, through royalties and rights. 

  • Only the single, original purchaser has the right to use the product. Please do not share with friends and family or in classes. 
  • This is offered only for personal use---it may NOT be used for commercial reproduction. 
  • You may sell handmade cards, but not the images themselves. 
  • The image may be colored digitally or traditionally.
  •  It would be greatly appreciated if you would credit (with a clickable link) wherever the design is posted. 
  • Graphics may NOT be altered, added to, and claimed as your own (i.e., used as your avatar, icon or banner image). Please retain the copyright signature. 
  • You may not give or sell this design as digital file or printed sheet--which includes family, RAKs, swaps or anything related. I am happy to offer a gift certificate if you would like to gift an image. 
  • If I didn't cover any unforeseen circumstances, you must ask prior to acting. 


Tanya said...

I'm sorry for you that this is a hard concept for people to understand.
In January I made a couple of cards for a customer using Everyday Princess (via Stamping Bella). During the process she asked me to make some Wryn cards for her in the next couple of weeks. I told her I didn't have any Wryn images yet and she told me, oh I have her, I can just forward her to you. I said no, that isn't allowed, it's against the rules of use and told her I could buy my own, just let me know which one she wanted me to use. She also asked if I could stamp off some Everyday Princess images for her daughters to color. Again, I told her sorry, but that is against the rules of usage. I haven't heard from her since, lol. Oh well.
Anyhow, I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

THERESA said...

I am not an artist, but during the time that i came to know digital images and some of the artist, i have formed some kind of thinking of how much work must go into producing one image, then regulating it, so can fully understand why you as the artist require us to respect the TOU, so hoping that more and more people will come to see that and keep to it!!
Strongs on that one...........:))
lotsa luv

Christy/Tiddly Inks said...

Thanks ladies...that is very kind of you. :)

Loopylou. said...

Christy hun you know how I feel about this and this is an absolutely awesome post, explaining it all fabulously and whilst I am sorry you have had to post it at all, I am so very behind you and all other digi artists when it comes to TOU's and usage,
huge hugs Lou xxx

Kim O'Connell said...

Good for you! Very well said! Most people who are doing this have no clue that they shouldn't be so a reminder like this is well justified. Whether we draw the images or create with the images drawn by others, we are all artists and should have respect for one another' s work and talent. Now I am off to check out your adorable images!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Thanks. I'm not an artist either, but I do enjoy the freebies I get and cannot afford to buy much now (I'm unemployed) BUT I do appreciate the art and I'm thrilled you took a very good way to explain this very simply so that most can truly understand. Some artists get very testy and nasty about it, and it's understandable for those who do truly understand - but others just remember the artists rants!! Great job explaining!


Your explanation is spot on! It takes away any doubt to what rights are. I agree! I am not an artist, but if they were my images, I would feel the same way. I'm sure they are making money teaching classes, most do! and you are losing a lot of money, not fair! So if anyone is upset, they should simply put their selves in your shoes! If they are upset, then they are not thinking of anyone but themselves! Very well said :O) Hugs! Leah Ann

Ellapu said...

Brilliant.. I am now posting your image re stealing images above on my blog
Hugz Elaine

Ellapu said...

Forgot to say with the link back here xxx

aileen (mum) said...

Its always a shame that we have to waste time letting people know what they already know but choose to ignore. I draw sign language graphics as I have said to you before and went down the road of having to use a lawyer to stop someone who had taken my images and was using them to make her own resources and claiming as her own. Its a sad world we live in when people feel they are entitled to do as they please.
Your written statement is brilliant and I commend you on your straight forward manner. Hope you dont have to waste too much art time as I just love your images and updates.
Love Aileen

Christy/Tiddly Inks said...

Thanks ladies! :) I truly appreciate the support and kind words. :)

Betty Boo! said...

Wonderful post Christy!

Tracy *SBA* said...

This is very well said I was wondering if you've contacted Maurie Manning from Mo's Digital Pencil? She is fighting for this tooth and nail here is a link to her sight for artist and copyright protection...
I really think you need to have this banner on your site also sorry if you do and I didn't notice. I think we all need to help each other out when we someone copying one of your images or using them in classes. Or redrawing them badly because I enjoy them I enjoy Mo's images along with many other digital artists and if you can't make money doing it I can't enjoy buying them and making cards with them so I'm all for supporting you guys!!! Good luck!!!

~ Jo ~ said...

Christy I'm so sorry that you have had to post this and even more sorry that there may be people out there doing this to you. It's a shame and maybe they truly didn't understand the TOUs or they are just ignorant and don't take into consideration the time and hard work that goes into your creations. I think this post of yours was dead on and you handled it in a great manner. You were polite about it and even offered discounts for if/when those situations may arise. I applaud you!

Lisa Lara said...

I so love your soap box drawing. Adorable. I support you and this topic. I myself just started drawing digis for a company.

Jennie said...

I think that was beautifully put Christy xxx

PS Love the soapbox drawing :D

wlbillings said...

very well said. Love the images and want to support you in your cause.

Billie A said...

Oh Christy I am so sorry this is still going on. If its not altering the image and calling it their own or loaning the image(s) to another it is just WRONG. People dont understand that this is your store be it digital or rubber and taking from you in any fashion is stealing like if they were in a store and stole from the brick blgds same applies to your digitals. THEY ARE NOT EXPENSIVE so come on people get a grip and support the lady that gives you these great images at a low price. Give the blog address of Tiddlyinks and show YOUR image colored but do not make copies for classes. You said it great Christy it's just too bad that those that do probably still will.. Hugs and I love your images as you probably know. Really love the new Wryn images ll i need to shop soon.

Kristen said...

I completely support you here, and you blog post was wonderfully put. I have a large circle of digital stamping friends, and I am happy to say we all buy our own images, as we completely get it! Thank you for all your hard work, and as you know, I LOVE all your images!

Paula Gale said...


Your post points out the issues really well and should leave nobody in any doubt what the consequences of copying and sharing are.

I truly hope that this issue gets resolved, but like you say, its really hard to police - but of each of us posted the 'soapbox' image and link on our blogs, we could spread the word quite widely around blogland.

I applore your message which was very necessary, but must have been difficult to put into words without antagonising people.

I'll definately do my bit to help...

Paula x x x

Dawn B. said...

This must be frustrating. We all love your work and I hope that this will help others understand your terms of use. Your work is incredible. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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