Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wryn - With a Cherry on Top

I sure hope you are partial to cupcakes and cherries because I am! :) I needed a thank you card this week, so this is my latest creation. :)

We have a new challenge this week---all about having Fun with Fabrics and the DT's samples are amazing---but when are they not? :)

Have a wonderful week!

EDIT: Jenn wanted to know how I print my CAS cards. In MS Word, I would open a new file. INSERT the IMAGE (that is the option under the EDIT column up top) and then FORMAT it to move it down to the bottom of the letter size page (in the US, a standard page is 8x11.5 inches) so that it is roughly near the bottom right corner, about an inch from the bottom---which leaves me trimming room. I position my sentiment around the picture and then hit PRINT.

The image prints at the bottom of the page (I usually size it to 4 inches) and this allows me to fold my paper in half. I then trim the paper down to 5x7 inches so that it fits in a normal size envelope....all done.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tiddly Tuesday - New Wryn

Hi everyone! :) We spent the weekend with family celebrating a birthday! :) It was tons of fun---filled with cake and good memories! And because of the birthday party and the need for a special card, I have TWO new Wryns to share with you today too, so my week is off to good start. LOL I was only going to do one this week, but I needed the birthday image, so I quickly sketched one and I like it! :) My daughter said it should have been a huge piece of cake with a bite in it, so that may be next...LOL

The first is Wryn - Whatcha Doin'?

and Kindra with an adorable blue one

And the second image is Wryn - Birthday Girl
and her sentiment
Here is the CAS card and custom sentiment I used...:)
I hope you have a great week filled with love and good times too! :) 
Tiddly Inks is coming up to a birthday soon, so start getting ready for a party in a few weeks. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winners from Share the Love Link List

Wow, ladies...when I asked for inspirational blogs you delivered!! :) There are some truly amazing creators, artists, illustrators, and crafters in the link list you shared! :) Truly amazing!!

I finally got a chance to pick three winners from the comments and here we go. :) 
Heidi, Danielle and Emmy, if you would please email me and I will get you the prize. :) 

And thank you so much to everyone for sharing AMAZING inspiration!
Okay, winners AREEEEE (drumroll):
Heidi recommended Amy of 1000 Sheets of Paper (an absolute favorite of mine too!)

 and Danielle recommended another favorite of mine too, Paper Possibilities by Paula Williamson!

Now the funny thing is that I picked these winners randomly, but I could have said "one of my favorites" about almost all of the links shared....so many of them are truly amazing and I think that means that people of talent are quickly found and shared by many others. And what a lovely thing that is! :)

I hope you keep sharing the love even if there aren't any prizes to gain-----inspiration is its own reward....heehee!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tiddly Tuesday - New Wryn and Silvers

Hi everyone! :) Are you in the mood for a new Wryn? I seriously hope so, because you are going to love the cute samples today!! :) Again, I owe my DT a huge thank you for their lovely work. :)

In fact, we are saying goodbye to Tracy today (thanks so much for all your wonderful creations!), but we have a new DT member today---LOU MAC! I am sure many of you already know her work, but please meet Lou if you  haven't. :) She joined us last week for the first time, but we are officially welcoming her with this new challenge. LOL We are thrilled to have her and it will be well worth it to check out some of her delightful creations and visit her to say welcome! :)

I really want to say thank you to everyone who has been posting on Facebook as well to show us your samples...it makes my day to see your creations. :)

And we have a new challenge staring this week too, so you have another good reason to join in...our theme this is "Add any kind of bling, glimmer, stones or glitter"...ohhh, sounds fun---and sparkleeyyyy! :)

AND now we have a new Wryn who is perfect for blinging up....hehe


And I also added a couple of new Silvers. :)

Have a great week! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who Inspires You? Link and Spread Some Love

Well, I think most people know I am inspired by my own Little Bit, but I am also totally in awe of some amazing crafters and artists in the art world as well.  I am inspired by all my DT members, but there are tons of other artisans---too many to list---and many who I know I would love to see, but there aren't enough hours in the day to find them...LOL

So I want to know. Who inspires you? Let's share some of the love!! Do you admire him/her/them due to their artistic growth and amazing skill today and yesterday? Is there an amazing card every time you visit a blog?

Is it a creative spirit which always comes up with inventive projects?

Would you trade your Copics for an hour in their craft room? Okay, well, maybe half your Copics?? LOL

I would like to "meet" the person/crafter/blogger who inspires you. If you take the time to share, you will be entered into a drawing for the Wryn image of your choice. I will select 2 random winners. You can link as many people as you like, but let's try to keep it to 5 per person....LOL

Here is how it will work....I opened a link list below, so that you can:
  1. Link the blog of the crafter(s) that inspire you and then 
  2. Leave a comment with the link you shared. This way, we all get to see the inspirational person, but I can choose a winner from the comments, giving credit to that person for sharing.
That simple...just a chance to brag on someone else...someone we might not have met yet. :) Let's share some love and maybe win a digi...

The link list will stay open until Monday of next week. I will choose 2 random comments after the link list closes and post them next Tiddly Tuesday.

And while you are here, did you see the newest Wryns? Check out these two adorable samples:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tiddly Tuesday - New Wryns!

Hello, happy people! :) It has been a fantastic week and sooo much fun drawing up some new Wryns. :) I have a two new ones for you this week. Wanna see????

Well, okay. :) But first, did you check out our current VALENTINE's challenge?? Wowsers, there are already some amazing entries....seriously, they are all so good! :) Come on and add yours so I can drool some more. :)  You have one more week to join in! :)

Now, TWO Wryns!

This little Wryn is of course based on my own little Wryn. :) She LOVES and I mean LOVES her cowgirl boots (and I love mine too LOL); we wear them in the mud, in the house, all weekend and just about everywhere. We get a new pair about once a year as she wears them out with all that lovin'. LOL

These fabulous samples were made by my smashing DT members and friends--all of whom rock my world and very often on short notice too! Look at how inspirational all these samples are---and they were all done within 48 hours!!! I am sincerely grateful for such a great friends....plus, now we have a blog hop!! hehe

And now our second Wryn--Heartfelt Love
(she comes with 3 files: all the hearts, 3 hearts, and the a line of hearts as a border, plus a freebie surprise sentiment)

gotta love the next set of adorable samples too---ack, they are so cute!

I do hope you get to join in the challenges and I am going to start a new little contest tomorrow, so stop back by and see. :) Start thinking about who inspires you...

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