Saturday, April 30, 2011

Treasure Hunt Blog Hop! :)

Thank you all for joining us on our first birthday and treasure hunt!!! This has been a wonderful year and I am so grateful to each of my team members and the special guests that are helping me celebrate....and I am SUPER glad YOU are here today.

If you came from Tiffany's blog then you are in the correct place and at the final stop of the hop.
If you didn't start at the beginning, hop on back HERE and start so you can figure out the secret code and get entered for the prizes.

The blog hop will run April 30 - May 3 so you  have a few days to make it through.

Our random winners for the prizes shown HERE (there are 5 prizes so 5 winners) will be selected from those who EMAIL ME with the secret code spelled out by Jane.  Not sure who Jane is? Go back HERE to see what I mean.

I used Pirate Jane in my project today:
(notice the mini Jane in the corner??---that means my letter is "P").

I had so much fun creating this canvas with Pirate Jane. All the illustrated pieces were colored with copics, then I decopauged a canvas using a piece of blue paper, Love Map, and Pirate Fun. After that, I grunged up everything with acrylic paints and then touched up with copics on top...It took about 3 hours to color and paint the whole 5x7 canvas. :)
But it didn't feel quite done, so I went back in photoshop and added a few more digital the final project is a combination of photoshop painting and real acrylics:
Not a whole lot different but enough...I think I might go back with some white acrylics and paint up the original. :)

My freebie is the pirate banner below (click the picture to SAVE IT), but there was another freebie somewhere in the blog hop. :)
I wanted to say a special thank you to my team members who donated a prize and to Zoe from Make It Crafty. I have to say she has some of the most wonderful backgrounds to go with Tiddly Inks images...please go check them out and her weekly challenge HERE too. I happen to be sponsoring them this week and I bet you will see some awesome black, white and red inspiration from her amazing DT. :)

Tomorrow, Tiddly Inks will be having a sale to celebrate our first birthday and the fun new images. If you are interested, come on back tomorrow and shop for a bit so that you can join us on May 10 for our next blog hop and challenge.

On May 10, we will hold another blog hop that will be open to everyone who cares to link up and it will be hosted on my blog. :) It will be part of our fun birthday party celebration and the special prize for the that blog hop will be a chance to win a digital stamp customized and designed for you.
More details will follow next week.

There will also be a live chat with me and some of the team members on May 10 at 7 PM CST...Go to our PCP forum and click on the chat button at the bottom...We will have a live chat with everyone who joins in...

Be sure to email your secret code to to get entered to win our prizes...
You can review the prizes HERE.

Thanks again for hopping along with us...see you next week! :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sponsoring Make it Colorful

My delightful friend Zoe from Make it Crafty is hosting a new challenge starting tomorrow and I jumped on the chance to sponsor her images. :)

So check out the challenge HERE and tell Zoe I sent you on over. :)

There is also another delightful challenge blog you should check out too. Carrie (a former designer for me) hosts the Sweet Stampin challenges. Check out their "sweet" inspirational cards and challenge HERE as I am offering a prize for her blog as well.

Our Tiddly Inks design team will be hosting a treasure hunt blog hop tomorrow, so check back then.
Here is a sneak peek of my project:
Whew, lots of stuff going on. :) 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Treasure Hunt is Three Days Away!!! Yay! :)

Tiddly Inks's first birthday celebration and
Treasure Hunt Blog Hop is only 3 days away!!! 

Starting on April 30, Tiddly Inks is celebrating its very first birthday and we thought we would kick off the celebration with a treasure hunt in the form of a blog hop filled with special guests, new images, and lots of fun prizes!

There will be lots of new images for our birthday celebration (including some piratey fun LOL).

Each one of the Tiddly Inkers and special guests will be showcasing a unique way of using some of the new images, so we hope you play along for the bootyprizes and inspiration. :)

Since it is a treasure hunt filled with awesome prizes, we thought it would be fun to actually hunt for something. Arrgh! LOL As you hunt along the blog hop, look for "Pirate Jane" hidden on the photos of select blogs. The photo will look something like this:
Beside Jane will be one letter of a secret code. But you have to visit the blogs in order so you can decipher the secret code. 

But once you visit each blog in the correct order, your clues will reveal a secret message which will lead you to the treasure chest of prizes....Arrggghhhh! LOL
Once the secret code is revealed, email the message to and
you will be entered into the drawing for the "booty" and prizes.
 We will randomly choose winners from the emailed entries to receive a prize below:
note: items that require shipping are only open to US vouchers are open to everyone. :)

$20 worth of images from Tiddly Inks
      a marvelous blog candy from Meredith at Paper Canteen 

          a beautiful crafty set from Marlena at Marlena's Paper Paradise
          a lovely set of goodies from Melissa of MelissaMade

            a $10 gift voucher from Make It Crafty 
          (an amazing digital and rubber stamp shop--check out her backgrounds-----they go great with Tiddly Inks images!!)

              Plus, an extra bonus for EVERYONE!!!
                A freebie is hidden somewhere in the blog hop that you can instantly download.

                In addition, some members are giving away individual prizes on their blogs too....

                So are you excited yet??? I am! All that fun and goodness is only 3 days away...YAY! 

                The blog hop will be live from 12 AM CST on April 30 until 12 PM CST on May 3, so we hope to see you back here then. :)

                Tuesday, April 26, 2011

                Tiddly Tuesday

                It's Tuesday!!! That means that we are getting closer to our Treasure Hunt on Saturday----I am getting so excited!
                I have already released a few of the new images, most of them are fine art pieces that I think will be perfect for printing as card toppers or as small art pieces. If you print them on fine art paper, like Hahnemuehle, you will be surprised at the beautiful end result on an ink jet printer. 

                You can find all the new fine art pieces HERE.

                Check back on Saturday for our blog hop and a huge release of lots of new images. :) All the details will be posted to the SHOP.

                If you can't wait, please check out the Challenge Blog today for a fun April Showers challenge.

                Saturday, April 23, 2011

                Wanna see a cool project?

                I have not-so-recently, but not-so-long-ago-either, made the lovely acquaintance of two amazing artists, Mo of Mo's Digitals and Zoe of Make It Crafty, and they just outdid themselves with an amazing blog hop....I mean "Wow!"...Take a peek HERE.

                But after the hop, I stopped by Zoe's blog and she had this incredible post about an amazing project that she showcased for the hop. And if you want to see it, you will have to go HERE. LOL

                Well worth the few minutes you will need to pick your jaw off the ground. :)

                And next week, we hope you join Tiddly Inks for our less-grand-but-still-gonna-be-FUN blog hop. :) All the details will be available here on April 30. See you then! :)

                Friday, April 22, 2011

                Happy Earth Day...

                ...we wish you a day full of blessing and thoughtfulness.
                (created by my 6 year old---and a little help from Mommy's photoshop)

                Wednesday, April 20, 2011

                One-Year Anniversay and Birthday Celebration Upcoming Soon

                Sooooo, the 1-year anniversay of Tiddly Inks Digitals is coming up soon....WOW! I think this calls for a fantastic celebration and party. Can we have an online party? Yup, yup, yup!!

                How about giving away some custom stamp images designed for a lucky crafter or two? How about a blog hop? How about some blog candy? How about some freebies? How about new images?

                Now how about you suggest some ways we can celebrate? Anything you want to see? I know, I know, a sale...LOL I will probably have a sale on certain images....just have to wait and see. So mean of me to tease, right??? :)  Any other suggestions of things you would like to see?

                Now, in all seriousness, thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the people who have supported me throughout this first year and to those who have been regulars---super big hugs to you all! I can't adequately express what that means. :) This isn't just a company----it is basically me! LOL I draw each image, post each new image and try to keep it all together with blogging and other goodies that go on behind the scenes. :)  So when you support Tiddly Inks, you are supporting ME and that feels really good. :) Thank you

                So check back on April 30 for the beginning of our one-year anniversary...or is it a birthday??

                Hmmm, either way, we will have new images and lots of fun stuff...see you on April 30 for the kickoff of our brithday celebration---a Treasure Hunt Blog Hop. :) We will have lots of goodies hidden through the blog hop and we have some fantastic guests for the day...:) It should be lots of fun!

                If you want to help let everyone know about the fun, grab this badge and post it on your blog. :)

                A couple of people mentioned the gif animated badge didn't work well for them, so I am posting a jpg badge too...grab whichever one works for you. :) 
                Thanks so much!

                Tuesday, April 19, 2011

                Tiddly Tuesday, a Freebie, Three Challenges, and Funny Family Story

                Happy Tuesday everyone! :) Lots going on today, so let's get to it. :)

                I am getting tons (not quite literally....LOL) of new images ready for our birthday party (more information to come later this week). I know there is going to be something for everyone in the mix....:).

                But for this week, I have two new images:
                Snorkel Bunny is HERE.
                and then a new summery, springy girl, Flutterby HERE.
                Whatcha think??? :)

                Our Tiddly Inks challenge this week is titled "You are a Stitch," I hope you join in HERE. :) 
                Be sure to check out the fabulous creations by the Tiddly Inkers HERE.

                I am sponsoring Going Grey Challenges can check out their very inspiring DT team HERE.

                I am also sponsoring Haunted House can check out their spooky and macabre design team HERE.

                Our freebie this week is a butterfly paper. You can download it in the shop HERE for the next 24 hours...after that it is available for purchase.

                Just a little humor for the day, but if you don't have kids who love Toy Story--this one will go right over your head, but bear with me--proud parents find these type of things funny. LOL

                The other day with the three of us (me, my hubby and my Little Bit) were driving in the car on the way home in a silly mood:

                LB: I am thirsty. I want some water from Sonic.
                ME: I am not going to Sonic to buy water. We can go home.
                LB: I am serious. I want water from Sonic.
                ME: I am serious too...we are going home. [we were 2 minutes from home]
                LB: I am two times serious...I want water.
                ME: I am a hundred time serious...we are going home.
                LB: [hmph] I am a gazillion times serious...I mean a million, a thousand, times serious.
                ME: I am serious to infinity...
                HUBBY: I am infinity times infinity serious....
                LB: [giggle] I am BEYOND! [giggle]

                We are a highly developed family are we not??...LOL
                It passed 30 seconds of the 2-minute drive home (past Sonic). hehe

                Tuesday, April 12, 2011

                Tiddly Tuesday - New Image, Freebie, and Sneak Peek

                Hello everyone and happy Tiddly Tuesday!

                So we still have our Refer a Friend opportunity and our current challenge is ongoing. :) Be sure to click and check them out. They will both be done next week.

                This week, I have a new Minnie image...
                I am loving Minnie and her cute glasses. :) 
                Her sentiment is the freebie for the week. 
                Just click and save:

                Tiddly Inks is getting ready to have a birthday party, so we will soon be sharing our top-secret fun plans...bbwwhhhaaahhhhaahhaha!
                 For now, here are a few sneak peeks. :)

                Sunday, April 10, 2011

                Winner of the Favorite Category Vote

                Thanks so much to each of you who chimed in and added your voice on a Favorite Category.
                The order of the votes fell something like this:
                Cute Girls were pretty closely ranked with Goth Girls
                Animals All Inked Up
                Inky Boys
                Gothic Pin Ups
                Random Spots and Dots

                And our randomly chosen commenter is
                Ann Marie!!

                Thanks so much everyone....

                Don't forget to check out our Refer a Friend opportunity to win $15 worth of images and our Bunny Hop to Refer a Friend 2-week challenge on the challenge blog. :)
                Isn't this the cutest little bag by Marlena?
                And our birthday party starts April 26....hope to see you then for new images and fun ideas. :)

                Tuesday, April 5, 2011

                Tiddly Tuesday - Time to Make New Friends :D

                Merry Tiddly Tuesday! :)
                Meet Minnie's Egg nicknamed Minnie the Egghead...LOL
                (if you are looking for other recent images, click HERE).

                Did you know that I design rubber stamps for Stamping Bella too?
                 There are some new adorable pixies (and mermaids by GreenBean too) floating about her site today....
                Here is one of my new pixies... Go visit  Bella to find her. :)

                This week, the challenge blog is focusing on "Bunny Hopping to Make some New Friends" (with a pretty good prize :D) and I thought I would focus on something similar. So here goes with an extra "Refer a Friend" Tiddly Inks opportunity...:)
                REFER A FRIEND
                Send a friend to Tiddly Inks and get entered to win $15 worth of images

                One person will win $15 worth of their choice of images

                WHAT TO DO?
                Well, you have 2 weeks to do 3 things to get qualified:
                1. Create a blog post sharing an new Tiddly Inks card and add the "refer a friend" badge above or in the sidebar (or the one on the challenge blog). 
                2. LIKE Tidldy Inks's facebook page if you haven't already (and pretty please invite your friends to LIKE it too---go to the bottom of the WELCOME page and follow the directions).
                3. Come back here after doing Number 1 and 2 and link your exact blog post URL--the one that has your card---in the Inlinkz bar. Post in the Inlinkz link bar by April 18 at 11:58 PM CST.
                4. Return on April 20 to see the winner and to view the entries in the Inlinkz list and meet some new friends in an informal blog hop. :) I guarantee you will find at least one blog that inspires you. 
                Sounds fun, right? :) Well, you have 2 weeks to find out and I hope I get to meet a bunch of new friends and that you do too...come on back soon and get inspired. :)

                At the end of this two weeks, we will start our Party, Party, Party! one-year anniversary/birthday party and it will includes lots of new images, some goodies, and all sorts of lovely fun things. Until then, I will be hoarding most of my new images LOL, but there are plenty to be found HERE until then.

                I am sponsoring my lovely friend Betty and the Burtonesque Dolls this week. Pop in and check their challenge out. :)

                The Burtonesque Dolls
                Have a great week all my dear friends! :)

                Friday, April 1, 2011

                Sponsoring Smeared and Smudged

                Throughout this month, please stop by Smeared and Smudged and check out their weekly challenges. I am sponsoring one that involves a horrificly cute image. :) I drew this up for Alison of SnS. :)
                Please meet Frankiee. :)

                New DT! Welcome

                I am so excited to introduce our new DT members. They have already produced some amazing and truly gorgeous images over the past week and I ...