Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday Festivities.....coming Thursday!!!

So instead of having a Cyber Monday, I am going to have a big day of goodies and (probably some sale goodness) on this coming Thursday.

I doodled some new images this weekend and I want to get them finished and included in the festivities...Yay!! :)

So if you can come back in a few days, we will have a belated Cyber Monday!! :)
See you then....

PS: Here is a sneak peek at one of the new images coming on you like it??? :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Hi everyone!!! I am sure you are all out shopping, but we are home and relaxing today. hehe We ate a bit too much yesterday and just spent time sniffing the delicious baby smell that arrived with my new little niece Lily Claire. :) As some of you might remember, I designed a stamp for her when she was born 6 months ago and it turns out that she really does have red hair....LOL I get such a kick out of that. :) Well, anyway, we got to meet her for the first time since she lives out of state and here she is....a delightful little bear cub. :) I foresee that I will definitely be drawing her with a bear outfit very soon. :)

I hope you all had as great a Thanksgiving day as we did. I suggest you check back in the shop on Monday for a Cyber Monday sale...I have almost talked myself into a good sale. hehe See you then. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

With Grateful Thanks - a free gift

Hello all my dear friends. :) I am so very grateful for so many things today. When holidays such as Thanksgiving roll around I often find myself reflecting on my life and all the wonderful things that are part of my life. :) I am always grateful for my family---my sexy bald hottie, my gorgeous and brilliant daughter, my sisters, my nephews and with each year that passes that my parents are still with us. This year I also have a new niece to be grateful for---Lily Claire and her cute little red head.

I mean, it isn't perfect here (no way!! LOL) but without these moments of just being grateful for the little things---my job, my dogs, a good book---and big things----all the love that surrounds me, joy, simple pleasures, health, and a blessed life---the life itself sort of slips by without notice. And that is one thing I don't want to do----just slip by. I want to be here, enjoying my choices, my curves (LOL), my family, my joy. I want my cake AND my pie---and then a good group of people to share it with.  :) Maybe they will bring pie too. LOL

And you are part of the pie-sharing group in my life. :) I am so grateful for the opportunity to be an artist and share creativity with you. :) I marvel every day when I know that someone is creating something with love for their family, or supporting their family, using my very cool is that? Never gets old. :)

So to say thank you, I brought you some pie. :) You can download this freebie in the shop.  EDIT: Annie is no longer a freebie...but she is still available in the shop. :)
I hope you have many wonderful things to be grateful for this year. Keep the love (and pie) flowing. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Image, New Freebie, New DT members

Hello, hello and welcome back to Tuesday. We have a lot going on and it is right before the Thanksgiving holiday....for which I am very grateful. :) But that is another post to come this week...hehe For today, we have a new image and freebie and finnnnnaaaaaally, I am announcing our new DT members. :)

First, I drew up a final version of the little genius kid from a few weeks ago and I like how he turned out...a little different, but quirky and cute. :)

Meet Genius. :)
Now onto a cute little freebie to match little Genius! Genius, no?? LOL This little friend mouse comes in the listing when you purchase Genius. :)

And the I saved the best for last...I have the final selection of the new DT members and it was soooo hard to choose. I took much longer than I thought I would just going back and forth and trying to narrow it down. Over time, I ended up with a final Top 10 from which to narrow down the finalists. I really appreciate everyone's time and effort to apply, so I have included a Top 10 badge and a freebie thank you sentiment for those who tried out at the bottom of the post...please scroll down. :)

Here was my final Top 10 group in no particular order.

I then narrowed it down to 3 full-time members and one guest spot...

Our  Top 3 finalists, in no order, are: 

Our guest designer is: 

Welcome lovely ladies! So glad to have you join the team. :)

Thanks again to all our applicants. As a little thank you, here is a Top 10 badge

and a freebie sentiment for everyone...just click to save and download it. :)
Don't forget we have a 2-week challenge over at the Tiddly Inks challenge blog since we are taking a little bit of extra time for family this week. It is our final Anything Goes week, so pop on over and join in with anything that makes you happy from the TI line. :0

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - Freebie Ice Skater

Hi guys! :) I am happy to say it is Tuesday again. :) My post is rather short today, but I wanted to get up a new image for you. :) It is a freebie and you can download it directly by clicking on the picture. :)  Did you know that all the Terms of Use still apply to free images? You still need to credit Tiddly Inks and direct people to my shop ( rather than offering it yourself. The best thanks you can give me is word-of-mouth blog advertising. :) Not that I am opposed to hugs and love though. LOL

I am checking out some last-minute DT applications, but I wanted to send a huge thank you to each lovely lady who submitted. :) I will happily take any applications for the next 24 hours, so give it a shot if you were worried you missed the deadline. :) I will be sorting through every link and blog a few more times while I decide on a finalist. :)

I said I would announce the finalists today, but I have gotten several last minute applicants and will need a few more days to sort them all out. :) Thanks for bearing with me. :)

Have you checked out the amazing and I mean SPECTACULAR, samples by our lovely Tiddly Inkers this week??? Wow! It is still an ANYTHING GOES challenge for the TI Challenge Blog, so I hope you get to join us this week. :)

Have a great week!! :) I shall return later this week, so check back. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New "Stuff" and a Freebie!

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to a new and exciting Tuesday. :) Well, I know I am excited because I am the middle of looking at cool blog links for people submitting for the DT call and I have a new image for you this week. :)
Please meet Checking the List

I made a journal page with her using Holly Bugg's Paper and a hand doodled sentiment (which is free at the end of the post. )
Soooo wanna win a Christmas Image??

If you want to win a cute little image of your choice, do me a favor:
  1. Pop into the What's New Section and check out the new images. 
  2. Then link your favorite image from that section by leaving me a comment below. To qualify, you must leave the link to the image---you can't just give me a random thought. 
I will select one comment by Friday to win a Christmas image.

And now I would like to introduce you to Amanda, our new DT member...

I found Amanda's blog a few weeks ago and after immediately emailing her with a request, she very kindly accepted a position on the DT. :) And from this card (and all the others on her blog HERE), I would say we are very lucky to have her. :)

If you are interested in being a Tiddly Inker, you can check out my post HERE. :)

And don't forget our Anything Goes Challenge on the TI Challenge blog too...there are some fantastic creations being shared weekly. And you can combine our recent challenges with many other challenges too, what with the Anything Goes theme....can I say it again? Hey, it is anything goes month at the challenge blog...hehe

So don't forget to leave me a comment and hopefully a welcome comment for Amanda too along the way! :)

See you soon! :)

FREEBIE SENTIMENT BELOW ( click the image to download the PNG)- Feel free to change the YOU to whatever suits you....hehe

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Design Team Changes Announcement

If you are looking for the normal Tuesday post, scroll down one post. :)

Tiddly Inks is sadly saying goodbye to some design team members who have been with us for quite a while. We want to say a huge thank you to Renee, Caz, Donna, Jane and Meredith as we make some transitions in the design team (all links are HERE). Each one of those lovely ladies is amazing and they have added much to the team, so we are grateful to have had their talent for this long!! They have promised to stick around and play with us, so we aren't really saying goodbye but "See you soon!"

Since we are losing members, we will be looking for a few new members who will be a good fit for the Tiddly Inkers: We need quality crafters who take lovely photos of their creations and who love using Tiddly Inks digital stamps. One of the most important qualifications for being on the team is a sense of excitement and joy about creating projects with Tiddlys.... If that is you, then please follow the steps below. 

To be considered for selection on the Tiddly Inks team, please decide if you are able to fulfill the following qualifications:
  • Visit the blogs of your fellow DT members to cheer them on.
  • Make a weekly card with a Tiddly Inks image to post on your private blog. The DT members need to join in a challenge every other week but on the week you are off, you must still post a card using whatever theme you like.
  • Visit the challenge blog when you have time to view new entries and leave comments. 
  • Have fun. :) 

If you can do the above, please email me (christy AT tiddlyinks DOT com) with two things by Nov 15:
  1.  Your name (first is fine for now)
  2. Three blog post links showing 3 different Tiddly Inks creations. They can be old or new posts, but we would like to see your cards in action so to speak. There is no particular information to include in your blog posts: Just be you, so I can see who you are. :)
Please do not include photos in your email---simply your links and name (and maybe a hello note LOL).

Upon submission, you will receive a short thank you note to let you know I received your links. If you do not receive an email at all, please check that your submission was received. :) I would like to notify everyone if they are selected or not, but I am not sure if that is possible....I will try, but notifications of the final selections will be made public on Nov 15 either way.

I am super excited to see what you guys come up with...should be great!!! I gotta tell you that without all the lovely ladies I work with now and in the past, I wouldn't be half the artist I am. I rely on my DT for ideas and amazing creations with my images---the DT makes a world of difference. :)

I am looking forward to your submission. Talk to you soon. :)

Tiddly Tuesday

Hi guys, happy Tuesday!!
We had a great time trick-or-treating last night with my daughter. A local neighborhood had tons of houses giving out candy this year, so we tootled around and collected yummy treats and said was fun. :)

I do have one new image for you this week from my little adventure with Some Odd Girl. :) She comes with a polaroid frame (not shown) as an extra freebie.

Please meet Happy Birthday Girl:
 I am also currently visiting with my sister who has recently returned to Texas after almost a year away in Europe. She is an artist too, so we had fun coming up with a few quirky ideas during her of them was "I'm with Genius" kid, so I just had to share my doodle...LOL
I am also making an announcement about a DT call later today in a seperate post later this morning so do check back....

New DT! Welcome

I am so excited to introduce our new DT members. They have already produced some amazing and truly gorgeous images over the past week and I ...