Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

In the US, Halloween is kind of a big holiday for kids---mostly due to the collection of delicious treats. LOL I do however realize it is not such a big holiday in other parts of the world, but I ask you why??? Why??? LOL It is involves costumes and chocolate...what can go wrong with this combo? hehe

It is one of our family's favorite days of the year, so I had to draw something to say Hi!!! My daughter loves all things Egyptian and has dressed up as Cleopatra before but this year we are celebrating with Cleopatra wearing bat wings--- I mean what other kind of accessory does a queen need??? So just for fun and very sketchy: CleoBATra by request! LOL

May your hallowed eve be batty and see you tomorrow for Tiddly Tuesday! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some Odd Birthday Wishes

So my new friend Kristy of Some Odd Girl Designs is holding a birthday celebration all this month, so I am so happy to be in on it. :) 
I thought of several different things that I could do to share as a giveaway, but when it came down to it, I had to draw something just for Kristy….not that she needs anyone to illustrate anything for her. LOL Anyway, here is my little birthday wish for her and all the odd girls out there. May we live forever and prosper. :)

My giveaway will include the little birthday girl stamp and the blank frames used in the background, plus your choice of 2 other images in the Tiddly Inks shop. :)

One winner will be selected from the comments on Kristy's blog, so go HERE to enter thru October 29 and the winner will be announced on Oct 31. I hope Kristy had and continues to have a glorious and “perfectly odd” birthday. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - Christmas Images and News

Hi everyone! Welcome back! Glad to see you on this delightful Tuesday.

Fall Queen went over well last week so I decided to add a Christmas Queen too. :) Here she is decorating her little tree. :)  This is colored with the challenge theme this week--plus my little one is crazy about blue, so I had to make a blue themed card!!
I thought she needed a bit of background to so I made a cute little fireplace---which can be used for others too though. hehe The fireplace comes with an extra freebie PNG file that has two mantle decorations that say "JOY". I love decorating my mantle for Christmas. :)

Here is a card using the mantle and one of the Joy toppers.

Did you notice the new cards on the front page? Well, I think they look great! You can find out more about the lovely card makers HERE.  I am so grateful to each person who submitted a card...thank you for your thoughtfulness and for sharing such lovely creations. :)

Here are the three cards I selected for the home page (Tammy, Jo-Jo, and Mary):
I also added a few runner-ups (thank Miranda, Carly and Lisa) to the information page as well, so be sure to drop in and get inspired. :) I will be looking for Christmas cards in a week or two, so get ready....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Fall Images and a Grand Idea

Welcome to Tiddly Tuesday and a bright new week! :) Did you know that each Tuesday I post new images I have created for the Tiddly Inks shop? Each image you see on this blog was drawn and finished by me. Tiddly Inks is a labor of love, but it  has given me back just as much as I have put truly is a joy to be able to share something I love and get that love in return. I haven't said thank you lately to all my faithful and sweet crafters, so let me say, "Thank you!" :) Your creations and joy in carding with my images does something for me---and hopefully for you. It spreads joy and love and I am so glad to be a part of it. Let's just enjoy that for a minute. .....ahhhh! I feel the joy spreading already. :)

I got a special request for an image this week and I am so glad I did it because I am really happy with how it turned out...gotta say it is cute myself. LOL

Meet a little Fall Queen. :) 
I know that I am "supposed" to be drawing images according to the seasonal demand for them--and that would be important to me if I was a big business, but the great thing about being my own lady boss is that I can draw whatever I want. hehe And I was in the mood for more flowers----even if it isn't a flowery kind of season around here....LOL

So meet Lilli Claire's Flowers --- you could color her with fall colors---or may I recommend bright, happy colors for a birthday card. :)
If you have a second, please do check out our new challenge this week---it is filled and I mean filled with some amazing cards!!! Wow, the Tiddly Inkers knocked it out of the park---AGAIN!! :)

I hope you spread some love and send a handmade card to someone this week. If it has a Tiddly Inks image on it, feel free to share it by email on or Facebook. :) In fact, I think let's have a little joy-sharing experience together....

So here is my grand idea. :) 
I need a few fall cards for the front page, so how about we hold a little contest for some fall cards for the front page? If you are interested, you have one week to submit a fall card by linking it below. :) If you are selected, then you get 3 images of your choice. :) I plan to select multiple people, so don't be shy. You will get full credit for your card in the shop with a link and I will have a page dedicated to the samples. :) Any questions? Just email me. :)

May your week be happy and joyful----spread a little love this week! :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Saturday and a Winner

Happy Saturday everyone!!!
Thanks so much for the sweet comments on the new images. :) I love them too. :)
I have chosen a winner from this week's comments. Congrats Marla...give me a ringy-dingy by email (use the contact form on the right :D) and I shall hook you up with your choice of the new images. :)
Check back on Tuesday for a whole new set. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - Lots of New (and Christmas) Images and a Freebie

Hi everyone,
Welcome to Tuesday. :)
Well, I made up for my lack of images last week because I have quite a few this week....hehe

Let's get started....

I added Danny's Duck in honor of this week's challenge, Boys will be Boys. This is for my dad...he is 65 and he got his very own pet last year, Sir Francis Drake---the hilarious mallard. This duck was so funny. He would waddle up to my dad's office door and quack for him....then the pair of them would waddle over to the deck where they talked and had a snack. My dad has never loved an animal like this cute. Unfortunately, Sir Francis either flew away in search of a "friend" or was transmogrified into a racoon's dinner early this year (they live in the deep woods) and it was so sad. So this is for my dad Dan and his very first pet---may Sir Francis live forever in this thought. :)
I added this odd couple because I just liked how they turned out. I mean who doesn't like a good dead fish as a sign of love. LOL They are definitely Best Friends. Check out the freebie paper for them at the end of the list.
 Then I added several Christmas images (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LISTING)
And Holly Bugg top the list for me. :)
And then there are a few other images HERE, including this snowman set of Something Warm and a sentiment in a separate file. 

Now I am afraid you guys have flown away like Sir Francis, so let's fix that. LOL Leave me a comment below to get entered to win one of these new images. You can pick one if you are the random winner. :) 
So quack at me by Friday to get entered!  :)
Don't forget to check out our challenge blog for the new challenge! :)

And you thought I forgot a freebie, but I didn' is a paw paper just for you lovely pet lovers. :) 
Just click on the paper and save it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Deconstructed Challenge

Hello everybody!
I have spent the weekend drawing some stamps for Stamping Bella (they are so cute!!!) and hopefully she will share those soon. hehe Sorry, no sneak peeks allowed yet. :)

I meant to post some more Christmas images by now, but time has simply slipped away from me. I will be posting several new images on Tuesday, so bear with me until then. :)

If you are in the mood to Tiddly (yes, a new verb LOL), then pop on over to Jen's blog and check out her amazing sketch challenge this week....Gorgeousness all over the place----click HERE.

Here is a new card created by fantabulous Renee to inspire you. :) She used Angel Spice--one of the newer images. :)

See you all on Tuesday if not before. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Christmas Image and Freebie

Hi everyone,
I have been in a  Christmas mood lately and created a couple of little cutie Christmas images this week. I hope you like them. :) I have only had time to add one today, but if you check back between now and Friday, I will have a few more little cuties.

I used new image Lilli Claire - Sweet Christmas Dreams to create this little art journal page. I watercolored the background since our challenge this week is painting. :) The candies and frame will be an image in the shop when I get them all cleaned up...right now they are a bit rough. :)

But I have uploaded some Candy Canes as a freebie for you this week...just click on the picture to download the little treats.

In addition, did you know that Tiddly Inks joined up with My Scrap Chick to create some cut files? :) Check out this little cute card by Lucianna using one of the files and my Little Bit's flowers from the Basement shop...super cute! :)
And Tiddly Inks is super excited to welcome a new design member, Pops. Check out her adorable card for this week using Be Mine. If you want to see more of her delightful work, check out her blog.

And have you checked out Michelle Houghton's coloring class online at Get it Scrapped?
Feel free to check it out as it starts today. :)

I hope to see you on Friday for more Christmas images. :)  Until then, have a great week. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Friend in Need

You probably already know what I am about to tell you since the stamping community is pretty close, but I thought I would put out a request for help for a friend of mine.

I have known Betty for almost 2 years as online friends and she was a total dear helping me get the challenge blog set up and going. She also started her own line of stamps since then and we have gotten to know her as Simply Betty Stamps.

Well, this week, Betty got the worst news a mother could get, her son has stage 1 throat cancer. He is expected to be able to receive treatment and recover, but that will be very costly. Betty has several children, all the way down to little Jude, so this is going to be a financial strain on their family as well as take an emotional toll.  She is bravely not asking for any help, but I know any donations or purchases from her shop will go a long way to help get the treatments started and the copays covered.

Here is part of Betty's story in her own words.

My son needs an operation that will help him get well and be the class clown, kind hearted, silly kid he is... Now there's a problem!  We can't just fix it when we fix it and let it sit. He will be going through testing for a week, as he has expressed his "bones" hurting as well.  Doctors would like us to move quickly on the operation to prevent any further stages or other unpleasant issues.  We live 1 1/2 hours away from the hospital, and you can imagine I do not want to be far from my son.  I am not asking for a hand out, or pan handling is that the word?  I am willing to offer my products at discounted rates in the hope that it will bring in what is going to be needed in the next week or two while we go through the motions.  There are always extra medical bills as the insurance doesn't cover anyone 100%, we have a co-pay but have no idea where to pull it from, we don't have a magic top hat :(.  I am not asking again, for a hand me down, just asking that if you ever wanted a Simply Betty Stamp, your purchase would be a blessing at this moment.
So if you are in the mood to help, I am sure she would appreciate a donation to simplybstamps (at) or for you to go shopping at her store to get some really cute stamps.  If nothing else, please send them some cyber hugs and well wishes!!!

Here's many healing wishes to Christian and much love to Betty as she handles this bad news and moves toward helping her son recover.

My Friend Kristy is having a party

My new online friend, Kristy (of course, we were destined to be friendly---the name alone seals the deal LOL), of Odd Girl Designs is having a month-long party on her personal blog to celebrate her 30-ish birthday!!!

So I am joining in on her party later this month with a giveaway, but for the beginning of the month, you can check in on her little (ahhhem, not so little) party. :0

Just click on the picture below.

New DT! Welcome

I am so excited to introduce our new DT members. They have already produced some amazing and truly gorgeous images over the past week and I ...