Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Images, New Freebie, and New Challenge

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

We are wrapping up the Mix n Match release with Make It Crafty, so if you haven't played I SPY yet, you might want to check out the details HERE...you have one week to get entered. :)

I have 3 new images this week: I added a new fairy this week and re-did Fairy Fae Dreams and actually my project this week included both of those fairies and some flowers from Make It Crafty....they worked perfectly together. :)
You can check out the new Fairy Fae Dreams HERE

Check out the new Fairy Fae HERE
Our challenge this week is to use a tag or ticket (check out the Tiddly Inkers HERE), so I combined the fairy digis with MIC Metallic flowers and then tagged away....:) I collaged this paper box a long time ago and it needed a finishing touch.

The project is actually two tags that are held together at the top by two cords. 

The third image this week started a few months ago: Alison won a custom image as a blog candy and together we came up with this little cutie witch! :)  You can find Alison the Witch as a digital stamp HERE, but check out Alison's colored creation with her own personal starred witch HERE.

And we have a very useful freebie this week....spread the word...seriously. LOL
I got totally inspired by Melissa's Belinda creation this week where she added suitcases behind Belinda and it made me think of an image I have been wanting to make for ages, so I am working on that one for next week, but for this week, here are the suitcases....I see them working well with Wizardette (as a going back to school card?? hint) or Belinda. So grab the cases this week and check back next week for the next installation. :) 

This is a freebie for one week only....so click the image to save the bigger image. 
All freebies copyrights still belong to Tiddly Inks, so please direct others here if you wish to share...don't give it away yourself.
And I always appreciate a recommendation to a friend if you are enjoying the site and the blog freebies...just popping up a badge on your blog helps me spread the word immensely and says thanks in a way that helps me out too. :) So if you are in the mood, please do share...if not, I understand and keep coming back until you are in the mood. LOL
Have a wonderful week! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Samples Show Off Challenge

So since we just had this new Steampunk release and I know you all have some brand new images to work with, I thought we would have a little sample show off session/challenge....I would love for you to share YOUR samples using Tiddly Inks steampunk images and papers (find the whole set HERE)....you can use Make It Crafty images too of course...I am sure Zoe would love that. :) If you don't have any yet, the shop is still having a sale--until July 21.

What do you need to do?
Link a blog post with a new card showing off the Tiddly Inks Steampunk images. :) Anything else goes....no set colors, no set theme. Just use your choice of the Steampunk images.

The Top 5 selections will get 5 upcoming images (my choice) from new releases on the way...there are some cuties on the way including a new fairy fae...

You may enter as many cards as you like by July 31. :)
Blow us away with your projects! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Challenge and Freebie, plus the Sale is Still going

Hi everyone!
It is a happy Tuesday around here since we still have a sale going and we have a new challenge. :)

I opted to use an older image on my challenge (click HERE) today. Since our theme this week is Nature Movies, and I had lots of movies flash through my mind, I decided to put a slight twist on it....because unicorns are completely natural, don't you know??? LOL

One of the movies that made the most impact on me when I was 12 was The Last Unicorn...it was  soooo beautiful! LOL Thus today for our nature movie theme, I went with unicorns....every girl's favorite. :)

Our freebie today is the paper and sentiment since I am feeling generous after our very fun release with Make It Crafty. Just click on both for the full-size version and then save them.


In case, you missed it last week, we still have a sale going on. Check out the sale details HERE.

We had a lot of fun with Make it Crafty and Zoe's team last week...they are one incredibly gifted group of ladies. Plus, it is lots of fun to Mix and Match between the shops. :) Here are a few samples to remind you about the release...
 Melissa using Precious

 Portia using Maria
Portia using TI Mermaid Miranda and MIC Victorian Chaise

 Renee using TI Precious and MIC Clockworks House 
Jane using Tanker Fairy and MIC Goggles

Femke using 3 of our Victorian Beauties and MIC Victorian Chaise

 Hope you get a chance to stop in for the sale before July 21....
And you can still play I SPY to get entered for some prizes. The directions are HERE.

As always, I am working on new images and on ways to improve the shop. :)

If you aren't in the mood to shop, you can always add items to the newly updated wish lists. :)

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions--requests. I do have a long list going, but sometimes, I love an idea so much I have to start it right away. :)

Have a wonderful week....it is off to a good start around here and I hope the same for you. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wish Lists in the shop - were broken but are now fixed

Hi everyone,
This is just a quick note to let you know that the wish lists in the shop were not working properly due to some weird coding in the new look, but they are all fixed now...

If you previously tried to make a wish list but it didn't add your item, it is all fixed now.
Go give it a shot! :)
Wish away!!! :)

PS: Thank you so much for the sweet comments on the release...I am glad everyone is having fun with the release....

Check out the details for the release and the I SPY game on http://digitalstamping.blogspot.com
All the new images are in the shop in THIS SECTION.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Joint Release with Make It Crafty - Mega Samples and Images....:)

Hi everyone, welcome to the joint release of some amazing images from Make It Crafty and Tiddly Inks....we teamed up this past spring and have been working this set for a while now. :) It resulted in some really cute ways to pair up our company images. 

You can see the full release home page HERE.
 You can find all 13 of the Tiddly Inks characters HERE.

The Make it Crafty projects include the background houses, objects, and flowers.
They can be found at Zoe's website HERE.

Now I hope you have time to settle in because there is a lot going on today and all week, and I would hate for you to miss a detail--like a sale.... I hope you have as much fun as I did. I made so many projects---some digital and some real. LOL

Let's start with the digital samples: 
PS: All the sentiments below are in the release (except the mermaid one)
I think Druscilla may be my favorite, but the mermaid runs a close second...LOL

Now my other favorite: Owlette

Owlette and MICs Big TreeHouse and
Precious and one of the Steampunk Papers, plus MICs Clockwork House
Now let's peek at the "real" projects on paper:
Owlette and her freebie twisty tree on canvas 
(the leaves were cut out and glued to the canvas)
Pinky Punker and a sentiment from the Steampunk Pack
Precious (another admitted favorite LOL) and a sentiment from the Steampunk Pack
Tanker Fairy and MICs Clockwork House, plus a sentiment from the Steampunk Pack (this is the first time I ever made rolled paper flowers and I LOVE it!! I will be making millions more.LOL)

These are the extra images that are mixed in with the samples.
 Steampunk Paper (all 6 papers and gears shown)

Now are you ready for more? 

Please stop by the home page of the release to see lots of other samples and how to play a fun game of I SPY! so that you enter our prize drawing: ONE LUCKY WINNER IS GOING TO GET EVERY IMAGE FROM BOTH COMPANIES.....WOWSERS!

There is a freebie on that page too, plus so much more, so be sure to stop by and say hi.

Now before you leave, did you want to hear about the sale? Oh, did you now!!! LOL

Well, Zoe and I decided that this is such a big deal and we wanted you to love these images so much that we wanted to seal the deal with a little sale....

For one week, all images, whether you buy one or ten, are on sale for 15% off.

Use the following code:
when you are checking out and the discount will be applied! 

PS: We have a winner from the Word of Mouth chance to win 5 images from the release:
 AUNTY SUE...you are my lucky winner. I will be emailing you. :) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Images and Release

Hello, hello! Welcome back to Tuesday. :) Gonna make this quick today as I am trying to finish up for the release on Thursday,  yup...still excited!

Our challenge this week was to get inspired by a summer or scary movie (seems like the season for new release movies LOL), so I chose to draw one of my daughter's favorite animals, ahem, fishes---the shark. LOL
I created a digital card using Shh-hark and his extra little bits.
I also had a special request for a girly wizard (wonder which movie that could be??? LOL), so I created a little girl Wizardette...

Go check out the challenge blog this week and see which summer movie you can contemplate while you wait for the cool new images on Thursdy...hahaha!

If you want to get the first freebie with that release and see some more sneak peeks, take a look HERE.  This page will be updated with all the new stuff on Thursday...plus, we have a neat game to play and someone will win some prizes...:)

So this will be a quick week since we will see you bright and early on Thursday! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Freebie Up on the Release Page

So if you are interested in a hint about what game we are going to play on Thursday for the Mix n' Match release with MIC, then you ought to pop on over to the landing page HERE and grab the new freebie I just posted...:)

You might see a few new sneak peeks and this full-size card. :)
I am getting so excited to show off these new images....I have made about 8 different cards. LOL And Zoe's card is unreal...I am not that patient. LOL

The release is going to have sentiments, backgrounds, papers, characters...mermaids, beautiful maids, funky houses and all kinds of fun stuff...wahoo!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Butterfly Wings

EDIT: Okay, so I am rewriting what I originally had here as I had two lovely friends immediately email me wanting to know what was wrong....ooops.

I created this little plaque as a way to remind myself that I can be happy no matter what anyone else does...I think we could all use that little reminder. :)

So I deleted the original post because I didn't intend to sound sad....indeed, it was a subtle little twist on re-framing (see the polaroid frame LOL) and letting any troubles float away on butterfly wings...:)

So let any troubles you may have at the moment float away and try to reframe what you can...when you can. :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Shop, Images, and Freebie

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to normal Tiddly Tuesdays again....whewwww! Am I glad to be back in business!!! :)
The shops are all ready for shopping. If you want the scoop on the new goodies, check out THIS POST.

Our challenges are back online this week too and we chose an attitude-inal theme "Be Bad to the Bone" by using skulls, attitude and any Tiddly Inks image. :) Check out the amazing samples from the Tiddly Inkers HERE.

If you already know all about that, then take a gander at the latest image Whatever! and her freebie border. :) The background uses flowers from Type Me Some Flowery Wishes.

This is my challenge entry:
 You will receive the full-size skull border when you purchase her digital stamp.
 Her sentiments are available to everyone, just click and save the JPG below.
So did you check out the upcoming release web page yet? If not, you will want to see what Zoe and I have set up for you in about 9 days....it's gonna be biiiiiggggg. :) Click HERE for the details.

PS: Don't forget to visit the new Basement and for those who need an extra incentive, all orders over $15 in the Basement are still 20% off for the next week only. :) Click HERE. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

SOOO EXCITED: New Shop Changes and New Release Coming Soon

Hi everyone...
I just have to say that I am sooo happy today. Finally, almost everything is finalized in the shop and I have a brand new set of images that I am thrilled to show you in about 10 days.

It has been a very busy few weeks, but exciting ones too and today Tiddly Inks is ready for shopping again!! If you run into problems, just let me know. I am still working on little things, but the shopping itself should be fine. :)

I have moved to a new shop platform for Tiddly Inks that will provide an easier way to checkout, find downloads, and track orders, but ORDERS ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT NOW: 
You will need to create an account, but this is a fantastic one-time thing that will allow you to log into your account (using your email and private password--which I don't see) and:
  1. view which images you have ordered, 
  2. download your order directly if the email links don't show up, 
  3. order gift certificates, 
  4. make a wish list, and 
  5. subscribe to a newsletter (which will have special sales and coupons for members) 
You can see the updated and much-easier-to-use shop HERE.
When you start shopping, you may notice that not every single product has been moved from the old shop into the new one yet. All the older images are still available, but in a different location. Those are now housed in Tiddly Inks's Basement. I am really pleased with the design...hehe. I had a total blast designing it. :)

The really great thing about the Basement is that most images are permanently discounted.....and the prices are marked, so you know the total in advance. Not everything is on sale,  but a large percentage are...so go take a peek at the new look. :)
For those who need an extra incentive, all orders over $15 in the Basement are still 20% off for the next week only. :) Click HERE. :)---but do come back!
There is only one thing you need to know up front---these are SEPARATE sites. You have to check out images from the Basement separately from Tiddly Inks proper. Two shops, two checkouts...:)

Actually the Basement is a redesign on the old shop (did I say I think it is pretty cute?? LOL), so really I just moved the newer images and left the older ones, so the checkout is still the same in the Basement...no account needed, and you should return to the shop from Paypal to download your images quickly. However, you will receive a link with your downloads unless you use Yahoo or Hotmail---for some reason, Yahoo rarely lets the shop emails through...yup, that is a total pain. :(

I hope you find something you like in one of the shops. 

Now in addition to the new shops, Tiddly Inks is about to have a HUGE joint release with my friend Zoe of Make it Crafty...we have been working on this for months and it is finally ready. :) There will be soooo many fun images to mix and match from our two shops---like these two:
I am seriously proud of these images and how they work together. I hope you enjoy them too. 

The release is scheduled for July 14, so check out the sneak peek page over the next few weeks and then come back to play with us on July 14. We have a fun game planned. :)

You can check out all the details HERE.
We would of course love for you to post one of the badges on your blog (codes are off to the right).

So hopefully you are going to join the new Tiddly Inks and visit the new Basement and start playing with us next week in our challenges. :) I foresee lots of fun things to wrap up the summer and you are welcome to be a part of it all.

See you on Tuesday for our regularly scheduled freebies and new images!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chance to Win 5 new images

Wanna win your choice of 5 Tiddly Inks images from the next release with Make It Crafty---set to be released on July 14? You can check out some sneak peeks HERE.

To get entered all you need to do is:
  1. Place one of the upcoming release blog badges somewhere on your sidebar
  2. Mention the two companies involved in the release (Make It Crafty and Tiddly Inks) in a blog post 
  3. Link your exact blog post below

The day before the release (July 13), I will pick one winner to receive their choice of 5 new Tiddly Inks images----before anyone else!! :)

Link your exact blog post below if you are interested. :)

New DT! Welcome

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