Thursday, June 30, 2011

Still in Maintenace Mode

Okay, so apparently not all issues have been taken care of with the domain switching yet because some links like the gallery and contact form are not working in Tiddly Inks Basement yet...

This is taking much longer than I anticipated, so I am super sorry for the issues this may be causing. I expected it to be done by Wednesday, but some of these problems are out of my hands, so please be patient. 

Thanks for understanding. You can email me directly at christy [a t] if you have not received an order or if you need to chat. :)

Once everything is completely working and all the links are correct, I will put up a HUGE HAPPY ANNOUNCEMENT!!! LOL

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - Postponed for a Day or Two because New Shop Changes on the Way Soon

Hi everyone,
Tiddly Tuesday is getting postponed this week as I try to finalize all the details in the shop...The shop is still up and running, but last minute things are popping up...please be patient for the next 48 hours or so while the finishing touches are put on.

I will be back in a few days to introduce you to all the fun! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Shop Maintenance

Hi everyone,
You may notice some shop issues in the next 48 hours.
I am updating the new shop and transferring domains and redoing the look of the old will all be cleared up in a day or two, so please be patient...

You should still be able to reach, but you might need to clear your previous links to Tiddly Inks....create new ones or clear your cache related to the shop.

Please bear with me as I try to make shopping easier and quicker. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

More little friends

I had a total blast last night sculpting a few little critters. I may be addicted.
Now, these didn't work so well....LOL Gotta learn to clean my hand in between colors or you end with a miss-mass of colors mixed up on your critters...LOL

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little Critters and Copics

So a few weeks ago I mentioned the Copic Coloring Guide by Colleen Schann and Marianne Walker.  You can check out that post HERE, but I recently received my own (autographed, no less!!! :D) copy and I wanted to share part of a few projects from the book...It was really well done and filled with helpful information and inspiration. :) Plus, Colleen is just as sweet as can be. :)

I hope you get a chance to check out the would be especially helpful to those starting out with Copics, but inspirational to all. :)  
You can download/purchase it HERE or HERE.

I also wanted to share a new little art form I discovered this weekend. We were visiting my sister and her adorable twins for the day and she had a box of Sculpey for the kids to play with and create little projects with stamps and sculpting. Well, they picked the 'good' colors and left us with the brown and black and grey. LOL I was undeterred and decided to fashion a few little critters and this is what I came up with. :) Whatcha think? On the way home, I picked up some more Sculpey so I can see what other critters I can make with the rest of the rainbow. LOL

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Images and freebies

Oh, it is Tuesday again!!! How fun! We have a great challenge this week and 2 great new images. :)
This month is all about crafting with a Tiddly Inks twist and our weekly challenge is titled "Sugar and Spice!" so we would like you to create a humorous or sarcastic card using TI images...

By special request for this challenge, we have a new image Carpenter Jane to match Carpenter Joe...:)

If you would like to use her tool box, you can grab a tool box and hammer here....
And I get a lot of requests for Love Bugg, the pink little huggabugg at the top of the shop, but she is a rubber stamp for Stamping Bella so I won't be making her into a digi...but I did make her little sister into a digi....LOL
Here is Love Bugg's little sister, Little Bugg...Click HERE.

I hope you have a wonderful week...I am desperately trying to finish up the new updates in the shop so that you can shop with ease and keep track of your orders ....and make wish lists...and get gift certificates....and subscribe to a newsletter with sales...oh, the fun we will have. LOL

I am not retiring any images, but there is a surprise and hopefully a fun one. I am having a blast getting it all done. I can't wait to show you.

I am also still working on the note cards, but we are doing a double revamp on those so that we have lots of goodies to go with them...maybe not just note cards, but bookmarks, plus gift tags, plus...goodness knows what else. LOL

So as you can read, there is lots of stuff in the works...give me a week or two and I can show it all to you! I hope I get to sleep between now and then, but it is self-induced and I love every minute of it!! :)

See you soon! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog Candy Winner and Notecards

Thanks so much to everyone who joined in on the blog candy for the first two weeks of the month. :) We have a here you go:

Randomly selected, the first place winner is:

Our second place winner of $5 worth of digis is
Ashley and Carol, please email me so we can take care of the details to get you the goodies. :)

Now onto NOTE CARDS!!

Did you download the freebie note cards in the shop two days ago? If you did, would you leave me a note or send me an email on your thoughts....
Did they print easily?
What program did you use to print?
What type of printer do you use?
Any issues you ran into with spacing?

If you help me in my little survey, you will get entered to win your choice of one of the next note cards coming soon....:)
The winner will be selected from the comments left below. Leave a specific note about the freebie note cards and printing, etc...

And how about a sneak peek at those really cute notecards?? :) 
Now how do you get your own set? 

Well, they are coming to the shop very soon (but not tomorrow like I expected). The note cards were designed by TI member Jen and we have spent the week getting the templates ready to go and testing the prints, etc., but after much deliberation, we have decided that offering one template is not quite enough, so we are going to hold off on putting them in the shop, until we have two printing options...we want them to be just right. :) 
So while we work on them, feel free to leave us some feedback on the freebie note cards. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - Surprise plus a Freebie Note Card

Happy Tuesday ya'll!! :) This has been a super busy week and I have some fun things to share, plus this week's challenge Keep it Simple! :) Our challenge is to make a one-layer card  (I know, I know!!! LOL), but you can do it and I am here to help. :)

My challenge card from this week was created using a quickly doodled background in Photoshop, which I layered with a pre-colored Little Artist in pink and then printed (the template is below). I added 4 flat metal buttons and that is it...completely flat everywhere else. :)

These little note cards are pretty versatile. I decided to go a bit fancier, so I trimmed the main image around the border and then paper pieced it on the front of a second note card---again, love these little metal buttons. LOL

Annnnd if you would like to make your own little note cards (I use them for A LOT of occasions), then it is pretty simple. Try this template and directions. I hope you have fun building your own card. :)

Click the picture to grab the full-size file (8.5" x 11") or go HERE.
This template is designed to produce 2 note cards in MS Word or the program of your choice. 
The paper will be cut at 5.5" (from the top) and then folded at 4.25" (from the side). 
Check out the visual guide and directions below (click to make it bigger). 
This week, I am adding several sets of downloadable note cards to the shop in case you want to do it the reaaallly easy way---click and print. :)  
They will be ready on Friday in a special release--see below.

Now for the surprise... the shop is getting an update which includes Wish Lists, Order Tracking, Accounts to remember what you buy, Gift Certificates and a much easier check out system. I have not transferred all the products yet, but you can take a sneak peek at HERE.  The shop is mostly ready for shopping, but like I said, there aren't very many digis there yet. LOL BUT they are coming as quickly as I can move them. :) Once the shop is ready for a formal opening, I will definitely be celebrating with you all. :)

For today, I wanted to see how the shop would work and see how the downloads work for everyone, so the freebie this week will be the Little Artist Note-ables cards above and they will only be up for less than a day...Click HERE to check them out.

This is a trial run to see how the shop works and what problems pop up, so be patient and let me know if you run into problems or have suggestions. :)

Here is a bit of description for the Little Artist Note-ables! :) 
Click to see a bigger photo.
AND THEN on Friday of this week (still in time for the challenge, hint!), we have a very special release of some new note cards designed by our very own Deconstructed Jen
She has designed and colored some amazing "Deconstructed Notes" for us and I LOVE them....I already have my own set printed out and you are going to want them too....her coloring is amazing. :)

Here is a sneak peek at one set:
So I hope you come back on Friday and check out the beginning of her creations--she has lots of cute images and sayings picked out. 

I love that with these note card sets you are able to (A) endlessly print and create quick and easy note cards/stationery, (B) combine the two cards for a layered look or (C) color and decorate your own image or have your kids color their own card as a gift or thank you.

How fun is all that? I foresee lots of ways to use these sets. 
What do you think?? 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Copics Coloring Guide

If you like to use Copics when you color, you might want to take a peek at the new publication out by Marianne Walker and Colleen Schaan, called the Copic Coloring Guide. 

 You can purchase it a couple of place in book form or a pdf.
Try these spots if you would like to get a copy. 

I am so tickled that they used a few of my images (from both Tiddly Inks and Stamping Bella)...wahoo! :D They used several other delightful artists as well, so there should be plenty of inspiration. :) 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Images and Freebie

Hello my darlings! :) It is Tuesday again (amazing how it rolls around every week...hehe). This week I have 3 (count them 3) new images and I happen to think they are super cute....:)

Our challenge this week is focused on creating a fun, dark image so meet Lilli Lolita...:) I used Toasting Properly paper behind her and the sentiment is a freebie below:

Click on the sentiment to save it.
Don't forget about the blog candy which is open until June 15. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just for Fun

One of the teachers at my daughter's school was especially kind to her and I wanted to send her a little thank you, so I made a little grunged-up girly canvas...:) I attached some ribbon (from Prairie Bird Boutique) on the back so she can hang it or just leave it as is on a shelf....hope she likes it.
 I didn't realize that part of the heart had popped up, so that will be glued down shortly. hehe
This was not actually a quick canvas (they never are LOL). I spray-painted the blue, then sepia-ed the edges with various browns. Then we (Little Bit made her own canvas) cut out vintage text and cardboard for the hearts. The letters were lightly stamped on with foam stamps and then roughly traced and painted lightly with acrylics...I intentionally left it all a little sloppy...looks better in person and as a whole. :)

I like making things for people like this, but since it is quite time consuming, I try to save them for special people---like amazing teachers. :)

The blog candy/freebie grab is still going on. You can check that out below.
Plus, if you haven't been by the challenge blog, you really ought to go check out the Fabulous Inspirational Fridays. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog Candy - June 1 to June 15

So it is summer time and that means fun, swimming and CANDY---but not the kind you can eat! :)

The picture below is the main candy for one lucky winner, but everyone can win a digital image or two if it works out right...
Plus a second place winner will be selected to receive $5 of digital images of their choosing.

Even better.....everyone can get a free image or two IF we have a lot of entries: the more people who enter, the more inclined I will be to add some freebies----I am thinking about every 100 entries or so I will randomly add a NEW freebie in the SHOP (up to 3 freebies).  I will edit this post with the freebies as they are listed, so check back.
To get entered, just link below...if you are so inclined, you can post the above badge on your blog (after all the more entries we have, the greater the number of freebies released).
The candy will be open from June 1 to June 15.
You do not need a blog to enter just leave the URL blank or put in a false URL, like :)

The first freebie will be added after the first 100 entries below... If we hit 300, I will have a 'good' freebie---not that anything free isn't good...hehe

Garden of Love- Click HERE to download it
SECOND FREEBIE- Click picture and save it to your desktop

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