Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Images and a Freebie

Happy Tuesday my happy diva darlings! :0
Our challenge this week is all about attitude and this is the latest image in the shop, BonBon Diva.
I created my challenge card using an already existing Diva completely in Photoshop...:) 
Our freebie this week is Cupcake Diva's sweet little cupcake- just click and save. 
If you choose to download my freebies, please consider sharing my badge (in the side bar) on your blog or popping into the shop to view the latest images for later purchase. I rely on your word of mouth for most of my advertising and it is always appreciated. :)

Blog candy opportunity coming tomorrow....yay!! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Ducklings and Blog Candy

Hi everyone! :)
We are hatching baby birds at our house this week...well, my mother's ducks and peacocks to be specific. LOL She is out of town and I have the huge pressure of successfully hatching and mothering 10 baby birds. LOL Luckily, they are super cute and are growing on me. :)

I couldn't get a good shot of the peacocks, so here are 5 little ducklings.
Take a peek at the little peepers:
Now that you are all gaga over some cute ducklings, are you in the mood for some blog candy? 
Well, some is coming soon to the blog near you! LOL

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Copic Coloring Class by Michelle Houghton

If you have been wanting some amazing tips on coloring with copics, I think you might want to take a peek at Michelle Houghton's self-paced class---you can find all the details HERE.
Looks pretty amazing to me---and not just because she is using some of my stamps. hehe

If you want to take the basic and more advanced class, you get a discount HERE.

She also has a nifty little tutorial you might want to check out HERE too.

She is a very sweet and talented artist, so I hope you decide to learn some of her amazing coloring techniques. :) I am going to be taking her Handlettering and doodling class soon....can't wait. :)
 Michelle has a great tutorial available on scrapbook lettering HERE.

All of Michelle's classes are hosted by Debbie Hodge's site...wow, now there is some amazing stuff and creativity floating around there....Take a peek HERE and HERE.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - Grog and Uggabugga and 2 Freebies

Uggh, me like that it is Tuesday...LOL
Men are our focus this week since Father's Day is coming up soon. I had a special request from a junior caveman in the making (thanks to 5-year-old Mo :D)
Check out his creation:
His idea tickled my funny bone, so meet Caveman Grog and his lovely Uggabugga Diva:

And their 5x5 inch paper sets:
Grog's paper

And if you want a cave to go with this happy couple,  you can check out Make it Crafty's landscape page HERE or download the free one below in the SHOP  (under the freebie section) - it will be free for the next 48 hours ONLY....

Or you can grab this bone to make a border on your card...
Our challenge this week, is Stylish Manly Men, so feel free to check out the Inky Boys section of the Shop...we have dinos, cute men and cute boys...primitive and stylish.:)  
Have an uggabugga great day!!! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

What do you do with kiddos over summer break?

Summer time and the living is easy----except for trying to entertain kids in the heat of Texas. LOL We have a few day camps like art camp and theater camp in our town and we are planning to sign my daughter up for a few of those, but that still leaves a lot of open days...

We usually fill them pretty well with going to the library or pool, playing at home, and other day trips, but I figured most moms had similar problems in the summer if they are at home so I came up with a once-a-week play date at the splash park near our house. I am going to send out this invite to all the kids in her program and maybe we can all fill a few fun hours. LOL

What do you do with your kids? Anything inspiring? :) 

Have you checked out the cards on Fabulous Inspirational Friday? There are some amazing cards. 
Our challenge is to make something using this awesome photo, so we hope you join in HERE...:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Create a Blinkie Animated Ad in Photoshop

I love creating my own ads for the shop, but I don't like blinkies that just go crazy with moving screens. I wanted to make a simple ad, so I looked for a good tutorial using Photoshop but couldn't find one so I taught myself what to do---with a mistake here and there---and I thought I would post my lessons for anyone who wants to make their own blinkie. No guarantees this is the 'proper' way to build one...this is just how I figured it out. LOL

Now, my disclaimer: if you see that I have forgotten a stage or the directions are wonky, feel free to share that with me. However, I can't teach you how to use Photoshop....this tutorial assumes you are proficient in most parts of using Photoshop. I use CS4 Photoshop-----LOVEEE it. :) 
I will post a mix of directions and screen shots to show you how to build this badge:

The first thing I did was build the badge to see how it would look if I chose to publish it in the final screen. This allows me to then go backwards and animate without moving too much around.

When building the badge, I made sure that I used a new layer for each group of text and images for a total of 5 layers:
one for the line image,
one for the colored image
one for the name and subtitle (these are in every slide)
one for "time to create"
and one for "magic"
The line art image of Lilli Claire is hidden underneath the colored version so you can't see it in the screenshot. [CLICK ON THE SCREENSHOTS TO SEE THE BIGGER VERSIONS AND READ THE WORDS....]

After I created the whole ad, I turned on the animation menu bar (highlighted below)

After the animation bar popped up under my image (kinda green stripes), I clicked on the icon circled in orange (below)---this turns on the slide viewer in the animation bar. Now I can see each slide that I am going to work on...right now, there is only one small slide (the image on the screen reflects the smaller slide).

For this ad, I decided that I wanted 3 things to happen:  (A) the girl would get 'colored', starting with a line image, (B) the blue text would appear and (C) the orange text would also appear. That meant I needed 4 slides...A to C plus one for the line image in the beginning.

So I duplicated the first complete slide until I had 4 slides total...
 ....note that each element in the first file will duplicate in the next slides...this is okay. You can go back and "hide" the elements that you don't want. To turn on or turn off items in photoshop, you click the "eye" icon in the LAYERS menu bar (off to the right side). 

Now we have to "animate" the slides---make them look like they are moving from slide to slide. Since the first thing I wanted to happen was to "color" my featured girl Lilli, I had to "tween" some slides... This is actually pretty easy. 

Go to your first slide and hide the lower text and the colored version of the girl. Notice that the slide you are working on is highlighted blue (in the animation menu bar) and shows up on the main screen.

Since hiding something in the first slide hides it in all the slides, you are now going to want to go to the second slide and "turn on" the colored version of Lilli (see below in screen 2 that she is colored) 
Then go back and highlight the first slide and hit the tweening icon circled in orange.

The next screen that comes up will ask you how many slides you want to have between the first slide (line art) and the second slide (the colored version).
I chose 5 slides
--note the new extra slides at the bottom in the animation menu bar.

Then I moved to the the second to last slide (the one after the final tweened slide) and "turned on" the blue text next to Lilli fairy.
Then I moved to the final file and turned on the orange text (you may need to turn off the blue text).
 The file is now complete.....almost...
The most important part is to set the timing of each slide and telling the file to play FOREVER...and then previewing it to see how it "animates."
Each slide will have a number of seconds below it: set the time here. Play around by previewing it until you like the transition between the slides...
There is a small word below the first slide that allows you to play it once or forever---choose FOREVER.
Now you are all set and are ready to save it for posting on the web. 

To save the final file, I went to SAVE FOR WEB and saved it as a 128 dithered GIF that was 240 pixels wide.... Make sure you save your PS file for editing later. :)

Now you are ready post your spiffy and not too splashy badge to your blog or create a coded box for your followers to grab using your new and fun animated badge...:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Images and Freebie

New images, new designers, new challenge, new freebie, OH MY!!! 
It is a happy Tuesday. :)

About a month ago, I asked you what you used cards for the most and almost half of you answered "birthdays", so I am committed to making more birthday images. :)

I am all about Lilli Claire of late, so meet Lilli Claire- Party Time:

And for fun, some ribbon paper. :) 

Did you see all the amazing new designers yesterday? 
Click HERE to see who just started with Tiddly Inks. :)
And our challenge this week is super duper fun. Here is my entry based on our inspirational photo...Fun, fun! :)
Our freebie is some present goodness to match Lilli's Claire little cute self...:)
You can download it in the SHOP in the freebies section.

Puzzler Winners

Thanks to everyone who joined in our final birthday adventure and solved the puzzles. :) 

Our two winners of a custom image were randomly chosen from : 
a) the inlinkz blog hop
b) the emailed answers in the order in which they were received

Congrats ladies! Please email me and I will begin working with you on a custom image. :)
Our second prize is $5 worth of digital images for two people.
1) the first winner was chosen from the inlinkz list:
2) the second winner was chosen from the emailed answers:
SHARON of MeMe's Creations

Congrats ladies! Please email me and I will provide at least 2 images for you from the shop.

Thanks again to everyone who joined in...Happy birthday to Tiddly Inks! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Design Team Members!!! :)

I am literally jittery with excitement today! We have six new spectacular members on our design team. :) They will be here for a while, maybe a long while if I can bribe them sufficiently...LOL
Since I started Tiddly Inks, I have had some lovely designers and each time, I love something special about each lady's work. These lovely designers are no exception. I think when you visit their blogs, you will see their unique and special styles and see why I begged them all to join the Tiddly Inkers for as long as they would have me. :)

So let me humbly present some very inspiring new designers:

My name is Cheryl and I have been papercrafting for approximately 13 years.  I live in sunny Albuquerque, NM smack dab in the middle of the Land of Enchantment and love spending time with my amazing husband and our three feline freeloaders.  I teach monthly card classes at the local rubber stamp store and am completely obsessed with all things related to cardmaking ;D  When I'm not hovered over my art desk, you can find me watching a movie with hubby or whipping up something tasty in the kitchen.  I am honored to spend some time with the uber-talented Christy Croll and her Tiddly Inks design team.  
Living in the UK I am  a mother of two  boys and wife to one of the most understanding men I know. I have dabbled with crafts of all sorts most of my life. I work full time and to relax I love nothing more than to sit in my craft room cutting and sticking. x

Jen (DeconstructingJen)
Hi there! I'm SO excited to be here!! My name is Jen Shults and I started stamping about 2 years ago. My style changes a lot depending on my mood and the occasion the card is for. I like clean layouts with lots of color (with a base in neutrals - I LOVE brown) but also really enjoy making grungy funkier stuff every once in a while. Of all the parts of card making I think coloring is my favorite though I do enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques - lately I've been working on expanding my colored pencil skills with some different styles that don't use odorless mineral spirits but instead use burnishing and color mixing. I've also just recently starting trying my hand at art journaling and so far I am hooked! Outside of stamping I'm mom to two little ones, Evey is seven and Ben is four and they definitely keep me on my toes. I'm the wife of a very patient and creative man who encourages my crafty creative outlet. On the career front I am a full time middle school art teacher and really love that I am able to teach a variety of mediums to kids that are of an age where they understand more complicated concepts but aren't too afraid to take risks and try new things. Outside of card making I also enjoy portrait drawing and pencil sketching. I can't wait to share my Tiddly Ink creations with you!
Mary (MyCardz)
Mary has been a huge inspiration to me for a while now and you probably recognize many of her creations from the challenges. :) Her cards speak for themselves. :)

Rene (Flutterbys and Fairies)
Hi! My name is Renee Ludlow and I live in the beautiful city of Canberra, Australia with my two darling daughters and very patient husband.  My love of paper-craft started about four years ago with scrapbooking which I still enjoy doing.  In the past nine months however I have discovered the joys of stamping and card-making and it has become a new passion/addiction.  I love the way Tiddly Inks images always manage to put a smile on my face. So I feel very excited and blessed to be a part of this wonderful team. I am looking forward to my time on this team and I hope that you can take a small amount of inspiration from my work. Hugs xx

Why "Nerdette" - it was a job title from a Tech Company I worked for many years ago - that sort of stuck.  I am truly a "geek" at heart, with the corniest sense of humor.  Most times I am the only one getting my jokes.  It's a bit pathetic really, I hear "OMG, your such a dork" quite often.

I am a self taught Copic colorist, having read or watched as many Copic tutorials the net has to offer.  I am still working on my technique, trying to find the right Nerdette groove.  I love to try new methods and am forever giving other peoples "style" a whirl.  I do have some previous art training, but have always been more impressed with others often emulating the talents that I love most.

I am a full time SAHM of three and I am very much looking forward to my youngest starting Junior Kindergarten this September.  I will have at least 2 full days a week to myself - Whoopee!

Aren't they great?? Welcome everyone and I am looking forward to seeing your contributions to our challenges. :) Speaking of, we have a great one tomorrow....see you then. :)

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