Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank you for My Birthday Wishes. :)

I got so many lovely birthday wishes yesterday!! :) Thank you to each one of you who made me feel so loved. :) And I do feel loved! :)

The sale is officially over, but thanks so much for your support yesterday. :) I hope everyone got what they wanted this month...more new stuff to come and I am super excited about the cute stuff in the works. :)

You still have a chance to vote on your favorite category and get entered into a $10 voucher drawing
Click HERE.

It was a fun birthday and I especially felt loved when I got to read a TON of sweet emails and comments from all of you...thank you so much! :)
And then I saw these amazing (freakingly fantastical fantabulousness all around) cards from the Tiddly Inkers...ackk, they are so cool. LOL

I have to show them off again. :) 
Thanks ladies for making something special just for me! :) 

My hubby and I don't ususally swap gifts, but we do try to include our daughter in picking out something for each other (our birthdays are only 10 days apart) or in making something, so this year, they decided to make me a laptop cake (I think that is a statement on how much time I spend on the computer LOL). And how do I know that they are doing that? Well, Little Bit DIDN'T tell me. LOL Well, sorta...

We were getting in the car about 2 weeks ago and this is how I DIDN'T find out about my cake:

LB: Mom, we are going to make you a secret cake. But I am not going to tell you what it is.
ME: Oh, sounds cool. I can't wait to see it. 
LB: [she waits about 10 seconds and then the hands go up in the air and her face lights up] *REALLY loud* It's a laptop cake!!! hehehe But don't tell Daddy I told you. 

So color me super surprised on Saturday (when we are actually celebrating my birthday this year) when I cut into a laptop cake. I also am not supposed to know that I am getting something blue, or that it is an animal...hmmmm, wonder how I figured that out. LOL

"Mommmmm, I am not telling you what it is, but....."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - Create with Me Challenge and a SALE

So we have a lot of stuff going on today...
 ....a SALE in the SHOP!  (25% off all orders for the next 24 hours)
...a chance to vote and get entered into a $10 voucher drawing
Click HERE.

.....a challenge (my favorite colors---red and black! :D)
Here is my challenge card using Christine and her doodle paper: 
........and some time today birthday cake will probably be eaten---but since we I can't share my cake, here is one that you can try (just click on the picture to save it). 
I tried a cake with balloons, but not so in love with that (it worked so much better in my mind LOL);
however, you can have it should you like it.
Let us eat cake! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Sale!! Tomorrow ONLY!

So it is my birthday tomorrow and I thought I would have a SALE to commiserate (yup, I mean commiserate) on my day of joy and happiness....happy, happy, joy, joy!

The sale will run for 24 hours coupon needed, just shop and have fun. 
All orders discounted 25%. 

And since I am so happy about this, I released my very own self-portrait birthday image to celebrate the ripe young age of 3--mumble, mumble. Don't I look joyful---and YOUNG--and delighfully curvy????? I mean, just like real-life!  LOL
 Complete artistic license has been taken with highlighted BIG hair and complimentary curves because I would cry if my hair was really this big, but I guess at 39 (oopss, it slipped out) it is time to love me and all my parts. :)
Christine can be found HERE and her doodle paper is a freebie included in the zip file. 

I asked for your opinions last week on what type of images you would like to see and most of you like cute girls, so here we go with a new cute girl. 
Meet Minnie. :)
And just about the same amount of people also like the Gothic Cute Girls, so 
meet Belle
Okay, so back to the SALE.
For the length of my birthday tomorrow (around about 24 hours), you can find the whole shop on sale for 25% need to enter a code or anything, just shop and check out. :)  

See you tomorrow (Tuesday, March 29) anytime between 12 AM Tuesday and 12 AM Wednesday for the 25% off SALE. 

Come celebrate/commiserate with me and I wish you all a very merry unbirthday (unless it is your birthday too---then happy birthday :D).

PS: Do you vote Yay or Nay on the new look for shop??? Honesty is always appreciated. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

What's Your Favorite Category?

So I have been thinking about things I like to draw and then about things that you (my very favorite crafters) like to use and I then I thought "Just go ahead and ask them!" So I will! LOL

What is your favorite category of my shop?
I will select one random commenter from this post to receive $10 worth of images--his or her choice--on April 10. 

Do you like the cute girls?
The goth girls?
The goth pin ups?
 The animals?
The Inky Boys?
Random Spots and Dots?

Another section, I haven't mentioned?

Inquiring minds want to know! LOL

In a related matter, I am adding a poll on the side to find out who actually receives your cards? Kids, adults, family? If you want to expand on that, please add a comment below...what occasion do you give the most hand made cards for? Birthdays? Weddings? Anniversary? Get well? 

As an artist, I like to draw what I want to draw, but I also need to find out more about what you like to help guide me so that the two areas can meet in the middle--- I can draw what I like and you can use what I draw---that is perfection! :)  So let me know a little bit more about what you use, when you use them, why you use it and maybe win some free images...if you don't, then maybe you will help me draw something you will love anyway. :) 

Happy Friday! :) 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday - New Images and a Freebie Card Template

So how's everyone this fine Tuesday? Glad to hear it! :)

I updated my birthday project list with the final 4 cards that I received...check them out HERE. :)

And I am loving these new gothic girls I have been many fun ideas just pouring out. LOL  I am happy to take suggestions, so suggest away...I foresee steampunk accessories next...:)

Please meet Flora.
I tried something new on the outside of the image....I am somewhat of a sloppy errrr....artistic color-er, so I added even more doodles on the outside of her form....I like it!! Feel free to borrow the doodle technique. I would love to see what you do with it. :) 
Someone on Facebook (I think??) requested a shedevil as a gothic beauty, so here we go. :) 
Wicked Fun comes with a free set of matching sentiments in the zip file (each file is separate).
Annnnnd now another type of Hot Mama LOL
My mom is still gorgeous, but when I was little I thought she was soooo beautiful--and I am sure most of you thought the same of your mothers :) My mom had long curly dark hair and a sparkly smile to match her eyes. :) I guess I should have done curls, huh?? LOL Next time. :)
So here's to all the hot mamas out there.
Meet Hot Mama.

I still love drawing cute little girls too, so here is Happy Q for good measure. 

Did you realize that we are creeping up on Tiddly Ink's first birthday??? We are contemplating a blog hop or two and maybe some prizes or blog candy to celebrate...check back for details soon. :)

Our challenge is super fun this week. 
We have a tutorial on how to make "shaped" cards, along with some amazing inspirational cards from the Tiddly Inkers. Click HERE to "SHAPE UP" and join in the Tiddly Inks challenge this week. :)

These are my "shaped" ink spot cards. :) I created the colored version using Photoshop and then printed and trimmed this file 
and that yielded these little notecards (one on recycled paper and one on plain white cardstock):   
Our freebie this week is the PDF file with a blank template that may be used to create your own ink spot card. :)  
You can download the template HERE.
You will receive the blank template only, but you may color it in photoshop or by hand to create a cute ink spot shaped card. I left the circle on to save some crazy cutting, plus it gives a bit of a background.

Have fun this week. :) 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday

Hi everyone!
It is a wonderful Tuesday, don't you think? :)  I  hope it is anyway. 
So what did you think of the new gothic girls? 
I had so much fun drawing and coloring them last week.
I hope you get a chance to color them too. 

It is our spring break holiday in Texas and we are taking a bit of family time, so I won't be releasing any new images this week. Especially since we just released all our gothic girls (click HERE for all of them), I decided to save a few for next week. 
But they are mostly done, so here is a sneak peek of two new images. :)

Flora will be released next week.
Happy Q will be out next week too. 

Our Tiddly Inks challenge this week is Going Green -- use a St. Patty's Day image or an environmental/eco-friendly image. 
Here are a couple of my digis that might fit the bill. 

Click the links below to view the images:
Check out multiple flowers and trees HERE
Check out the fairies HERE

It is "easy to be green" this week, so have a wonderfully green week. :) 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Images - Gothic Pin-Ups

I didn't get a chance to share my own samples with the gothic pin-up new images, so I thought I would do so today. :) I only had time to make two, so I picked my favorites. :)

This is Briar and Rose Red. :)
You can find all the Gothic Pin Ups HERE.
Here are some other samples from Meredith and Tracy which I didn't add yesterday. :)
Love the variety of how the Tiddly Inkers are using these ladies. :) 
How do you plan to use them?
However that may be, have fun coloring...clearly, we all are! :) 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tiddly Thursday on Saturday! New Gothic PinUps

Thanks for waiting that extra couple of days...I just couldn't stop making these images and needed some papers and a chance to add a new shop thanks for waiting patiently so I could get it all added.

I have some more images up my sleeve, so if you like them, let me know;  if not, well, lie to me and tell me you do. LOL I am enjoying making them and foresee more coming.

Anyone ready to go shopping? I hope so!!!
You can find all the new images HERE

When my daughter was about 2, she said: "Mom, I am so happy I am heartbroken!" So first up is HeartBroke Happy in honor of Little Bit...may she always be so happy and one day, this much of a looker...but not any time soon. LOL
Made for You started out as a regular ole' pin up, but that didn't work for me, so here she is all stitched with her doll face. Much better!
Tainted is, well, gorgeously tainted. She comes as two digital stamps/girls, each one has different eyes...Not sure which ones I like best...let me know. :)
I am sure Briar is not all that prickly...LOL
I am not so into inking myself up, but I can live meet Rose Red and her inked roses. :) But as Melissa showed us below, the roses could be on her dress too. :)
And last up today, we have Blow Me Away....I hope you are blown away...hehehe
AND now papers and sentiments to go with our lovely ladies...

This sentiment set is included in the zip file for each of the girls...just a little extra thing. :)

My Design Team, the Tiddly Inkers, busted their butts for me this week and made some stunning last-minute cards to showcase the images...they rock! :) Thanks ladies!
Kiara using Tainted
Melissa using Tainted and Rose Red
Portia using Heartbroke Happy
Tracy using Made For You
Meredith using Made For You 
Heartbroke Happy
Femke using Tainted
Marlena using Tainted 
Lou using Blow Me Away 
Heartbroke Happy
Portia using Tainted
Larissa using Blow Me Away
Donna using Made for You
Caz using Heartbroke Happy

Pretty fantabulous samples if I do say so myself. :) Hope you got all inspired and have fun with the new images. :)

And if you're in the mood to share the news about the new images, with more to come, feel free to share the badge below...I would be veryyyy happy for you to do so. :) 

New DT! Welcome

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