Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Annie Images and thanks to the guest designers

These are the lastest images in the shop. :) One is a special request by Betty Boo and it is the perfect way to say "So sorry it is pasta your birthday!" LOL
The other is a hat tipping moment to our guest designers. I am a Texan and you gotta tip the hat! Sadly, our guest designer's last day is today and we are so sad to see them go. Tammy, Lisa, and Carrie have created some awesome cards over the past few months and we are so glad they were a part of our team! :) My hat is off to them! :)

Tiddly Tuesday Freebie

A little birdie told me that Christy was running behind today, but she did get up the freebie in the PCP group. She has a few new images that will come out later this week. :)

The Tiddly Inkers have a red, white and blue theme going on the challenge blog and it is awesome. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Off to the Conference and Lysa's Hair tutorial

Greetings lovely people. :)
I am off to a conference for the weekend. It is not too far away, but I am stepping away from the family for 2 nights and that is sad....nice too, but I will miss the bedtime snuggles and kisses from my DD.
It should be fun too...I get to mingle with other author/illustrators and do a work-group session and I am looking forward to that. I will post some pictures on Monday hopefully. I am taking my laptop, but we are not allowed to turn on cells and laptops during the day...LOL They mean business. :)

Our Tiddly Inkers tutorial's have been getting added to Craft Crave and Lysa's amazing hair tutorial was featured yesterday if you want to give it a vote. :) I am sure she would appreciate it....and if you didn't see it, go check it out here. I am so ready to try it....gotta go get a few sketch Copics just to do that technique. :)
Drop on by and give her a thumbs up. :)

If you search for Tiddly Inks on Craft Crave, you can find other Tiddly tutorials too. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great Tutorials

I don't know if you have been checking in on the Tiddly Inks Challenge tutorials, but the ladies are creating some awesome ones. So far we have had fabric flowers, spinner cards, neat gift idea keychains, and others that I am not including. :) Today we have a fantabulous one on how to color hair like this:

Now, I know I want to color hair like that...Don't you? :)
You can find Lysa's hair tutorial here.

Most Thursdays, we have a great tutorial. :)
Thanks Emma, Lysa, Larissa and Betty for all your tutorials. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Summer

Hi ya! :)
You have until 8:00 PM CST tonight to download the new freebie image on the PCP group....notice that I reloaded it Tuesday morning as I left off part of her sleeve so make sure you got the right version. :)

We announced the winner and Top 3 Tiddly Inkers picks today on the challenge blog if you wanna check them out. :) They are pretty cute! And the Tiddly Inkers DT came up with some awesome samples for the this week's challenge "Embellies"!

Lastly, since this is the first week of summer, I thought I would just say "Happy Summertime!" It is hot as blazes in Texas, but it is still beautiful. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiddly Tuesday Freebie and New Image

It is Tuesday, so we have a new freebie today...It is intended as a big Thank You to my members. :)
If you are a member of the PCP group, you can find the zip file under the Tiddly Tuesday section. Please read and follow the angel policy before you accept or use this image. It will be available as a freebie through June 23 only....I will remove it June 23 at 8:00 PM CST and then it will be available for sale in the shop.
EDIT: This file is no longer available as a freebie, but is listed for sale in the Tiddly Inks shop.
Tiny Dancer is the newest image in the shop. There have about 50 new images released in the past month if you haven't checked out the shop....You can find them in the What's New section under Our Designs.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

1400 member freebie - Thanks again! :)

Well, I have to say thank you again. :) Tiddly Inks Digitals , as a shop, is only about 8 weeks old and our PCP group is only 3 months old. In that time, we have had a ton of fun, posted a lot of new images, built a design team and challenge blog, added a bunch of freebies, and gained an incredible amount of new members both on the blog and in the group.

So, once again...thank you for sharing the love and for being a big part of helping me grow this little shop. :) I can't say thank you enough, but let me try...

This thank you freebie can be downloaded here or in our PCP group.
Just click on the picture and save the bigger version that pops up or go to the PCP group and download the zip. :)

Have a great father's day. I will be busy with my family as I hope you will too. :) We have a big day planned for my husband and my dad...mainly involving food. LOL

My thoughts will be with those of you who will be missing your dad this weekend. I am very grateful to still have mine.

I will see you next week with the Tiddly Tuesday freebie....it is a good one this week. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day Off!!!

Yup, I took a day off....wahoo! LOL
The problem with working for myself is that since I am prone to being a workaholic (I come by it genetically LOL), I work almost every day----at least part of the day and never take the day off. Plus, I really, really love what I do and I don't like to take time away from doodling and creating something. It isn't like a job...more like playing. :) But today, I took the day off. I haven't drawn a single thing and this is my first trip to the computer area. My husband is wondering who took over his wife. LOL

We ventured off to the big city of Houston and just played. My daughter got her first hair cut at a salon and came out feeling like a queen (complete with sparkly braids) and then we had lunch with my nephews (oh, and my sister....but she doesn't really count....just the cute little boys LOL), played a round of minature golf at an indoor black light facility, went shopping for sparkly bracelets, and generally wasted a whole day spending a little money and doing nothing important. It was great. :) I now intend to shut down my computer and do nothing else, but find a book to read....

What did you do today??? Anything completely useless and fun? LOL

Okay, so tell me about it so I can read it tomorrow....:)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Images Now Available - Lullaby and Meet the Watts

Too bad I didn't get these ideas until this week....these would have made great images for our Baby challenge last week.
Sorry for the bad timing....it is fairly typical. Anyone need July 4th images? I am sure to have some on July 5th. :)

The one below is based on one of my favorite pictures right after my DD came home....I was not this well put together though...LOL I know some people who are perfectly gorgeous and have their make-up on immediately....me? not so much. LOL

But since I get to decide, in my fantasy, we can all be the perfectly made up mom with the perfect little one (at least, I did have the perfect little one LOL). :)

Robot Present Digital

Hi everyone.
I had a couple of people who said they had trouble downloading the robot present---a little freebie this week, so I reloaded the file on PCP and have posted it here too...

If you want to grab it here, just click on the picture and save the larger version when it pops up. :)

Let's Go Swimming Boys!

I had a request for a boy to match the Going Swimming Girl, so here is he is...Let's go swimming (in all the safety equipment needed. LOL).
You can find this cutie here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All About the Boys this week - Challenge 9 and freebie

Well we did princesses a few weeks ago (got some more of those coming later BTW :D), but this week we are giving the boys a chance. I have added a couple of new boy stamps to the shop this week and a paper (as shown on the card).

I hope you stop by the Challenge Blog to peek at the Tiddly Inkers work too...it is inpsiring as usual. :)

The freebie this week is the colored version of the little robot shown here and his present as a digital stamp. :) This will only be available for ONE week in the PCP group. If you want to color your own for the challenge, the digital stamp and paper are now available here. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Challenge Blog Rules

On our challenge blog, we have weekly challenges and we have had some changes to the placement options for "winning".

Challenges are supposed to be fun and "challenging" as well as a method for sharing something we all love--crafting and carding. :) It takes a lot of time to develop a new project each week and I want to honor the commitment and talent of each person. Unfortunately, it isn't possible for each entry to win each week, but with help from many of you and the Design Team, I think we have a good solution.

We will now have 2 placement levels in our weekly challenges.

1) The Design team will choose a Top 3 from the entries to receive a "I was a Tiddly Inks Top 3!" badge.

2) A random entry will be chosen to receive a $10 gift voucher to the Tiddly Inks store.

All Winners will be announced on Wednesdays, following the new challenge announcement.

We hope that this will honor the talent and the dedication that so many of you have exhibited by faithfully participating in the challenges.

These new rules will be implemented starting with Challenge 9 on Tuesday. I hope you all continue to participate and I look forward to seeing your creations each week. We have some amazing talent posted on the challenge blog each week. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us all. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


I like this little dude with his square balloons...bet he isn't a square though. :)
Roboto is now available in the shop. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Challenge #8 - Baby of Mine...with a NEW image (Always My Baby)

I have totally fallen in love with making matching design paper for my stamps. :) It is so fun. So this week, we have two new papers (one pink and one blue) to match the heart flowers on this new digital stamp, Always My Baby. You can find both in the shop under the What's New June section.

The freebie this week also ties into the design.

You can find it here.

This week's challenge is all about babies, so stop by and see the adorable creations made to perfection by the DT on the Challenge blog. :) If you play along, do try to use a Tiddly Inks digital stamp...por favor. :)

New DT! Welcome

I am so excited to introduce our new DT members. They have already produced some amazing and truly gorgeous images over the past week and I ...