Thursday, September 16, 2010

Help me make a tutorial on photographing cards :)

I am assembling a blog tutorial on taking good photos of cards and I wanted  your suggestions for links. 
If you have a good link that has helped you, please share it. I think this is the other half of carding that is so hard to master: A beautiful presentation of an amazing card takes your breath away and I often wonder "How did they do that?" If you know of a gorgeous crafter that shows off their cards in a way that inspires you, please share the link. Photos are copyrighted, so be sure that you aren't copying them, but you can apply techniques in your own special way. :) 

Once I get some information together, I will post relevant links and some how-tos for us all...I would like to improve my shots for sure. :) It is often just a matter of lighting and angles, but you have to know let's see if we can't assemble some of the best tricks and tips. :)

Share your best tip, trick, lighting source and links below. :) Thanks.


donna mikasa said...

Hi Christy! Kristina Werner once posted how she photographs her cards and shows her set up here. I recently got a Portable Photo Studio which I'm still getting used to and I sometimes resort to my favorite spot which is on the floor, in front of my TV console, in natural light! Yes, I'm lying down when I shoot my cards!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Ooh I hear you girly! If I find something I will pass it on to you. Did you check out YouTube and put in Photographing products for the web? Just asking. I think YOU are even more awesome. Not just saying that. Your work is so beautifully illustrated and makes me smile and think, "Gee I'm glad I'm a girl he he he he"
Hugs to you.

Melissa said...

This is a great idea. I just wing it with my photos, move things around, try different areas. I've had no training so this would be most helpful. Unfortunately, I have no sites to share either I've never looked on line for tips before.

marsha said...

Christy, here's a very helpful link I found on Splitcoaststampers:

HTDT? 7.22.09 Photographing Your Papercrafting Projects

hope this helps!
Hugs, Marsha

Dawn B. said...

I always use natural lighting.. I have 3 OTT lights I got on sale and give them lots of light. I also use the above tutorial mentioned that Amy Sheffer did over on SCS as mentioned in the last post.. I edit everything in Photoshop Elements.. Could not live with out it.. LOL.

Deirdre said...

I use natural light and post process in photoshop - bump the levels and contrast.

Lisa Spangler has a couple of great tutorials on her blog

Paula Gale said...

I try to make sure I take my photo in daylight and take them in the conservatory where light just floods in - even on a dull day.

I sometimes cover the background in a white linen tablecloth.

I only have a regular digi camera, but put the settings on cuisine or document, changing between them if i'm not happy with the results. I've not tried a light box, but my way works for me.


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