Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Challenge 19 (Goodbye Summer) and Freebie

I am so surprised that Fall is right around the corner...aren't you? Time is just flying for me, so I created this new image for this week's challenge. Actually, it is an older image that I redid a bit, but I think it fits. :)  Time flies By, indeed!

Our freebie this week was inspired by DT member Donna M. She made a really cute Alice card the other day and it had the best Cheshire cat on it....I couldn't figure out where she had gotten it and lo-and-behold, it was my cat on which she had added the best smile!! I laughed and laughed and then promptly made this one in honor of Donna. :) The free image is the colored purple version, but you can find the line image in the shop here.  Either click on the image here and save the larger version that pops up, or visit the PCP group if you are a member...thought I would make it easy this week. LOL

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