Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Suzanne Dean Video Tutorial with Tiddly Inks

Ever had the best news and you can't wait to share it??? Well, Suzanne J Dean (yes, that Suzanne :D) has created the cutest tutorial using one of my little girls and I am soooooo excited----super duper, jump up and down in my seat excited (it has been a manic week LOL). Not only is Suzanne just amazing with a Copic pen, she is one seriously sweet and charming lady....it was really a privilege to chat with her. :) She offers amazing online classes too if you want to learn more about her technique....I am just in awe of what she can do.

 I am thrilled (can you tell??? LOL) to show you this video today. :) Have fun watching. :) 

Challenge 19 (Goodbye Summer) and Freebie

I am so surprised that Fall is right around the corner...aren't you? Time is just flying for me, so I created this new image for this week's challenge. Actually, it is an older image that I redid a bit, but I think it fits. :)  Time flies By, indeed!

Our freebie this week was inspired by DT member Donna M. She made a really cute Alice card the other day and it had the best Cheshire cat on it....I couldn't figure out where she had gotten it and lo-and-behold, it was my cat on which she had added the best smile!! I laughed and laughed and then promptly made this one in honor of Donna. :) The free image is the colored purple version, but you can find the line image in the shop here.  Either click on the image here and save the larger version that pops up, or visit the PCP group if you are a member...thought I would make it easy this week. LOL

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sometimes a Do Over Would be Great

Ever read that book about Alexander's very awful, terrible, no-good day? Well, Alexander came to visit at my house today and brought his day with him.

I won't go into all the details, but the highlight of the evening was when I decided to trim my daughter's bangs because we have heatedly debated how to wear them every day since school started and I thought this would be a good way to end a 2-hour marathon of trying to do homework.....(hmmmm, bad idea).  Since I have cut her hair since birth, I don't think much about it...UNTIL, I realized I had cut her bangs way, way, way too short--I have no idea how, but they are about an inch long and they had been to her chin. I had intended to shorten them to her eyebrows, but viola...they were a tad shorter than intended. I just stared and started to well up with tears and then it was too late. I have an exceptionally self-aware 6-year-old (who is probably actually 60) and there is no way she isn't going to be upset. We are both upset and while she does look precious---and slightly wonky---there is no salvaging. I am the worst mother in the world at that moment. This is a kid who just moved to a new school and her mother has shorn her beautiful locks all to pieces. (And I wonder where she gets her bent for the dramatics??? LOL). I am done....no apologies will work and the horrified look on my husband's face does not help.

The only thing that saves the evening is when I remember that the circus is in town...yes, a circus. One night only---free student ticket stuck to the refrigerator....amazing grace plays in the background. LOL

We hop in the bath, wash the totally fubarred blonde tresses and rush to the circus----where we have a great time and she laughs and laughs. We are saved until tomorrow---when she has to go to school after staying up 2 hours past her bedtime and with a very bad, no good, terrible-mommy hair cut. 

Tell me I am not alone in scaring my child for life...pretty please. 
Maybe the circus will stay in town one more night and we can go again. LOL 
Ack...I need a do-over---without scissors. :(

UPDATE: on the hair crisis of the Croll household. LOL

We went to school today and the teacher made a huge deal of it: How cute they were and who cut your hair??? :) Little Bit just smiled and said my mom and went in the room. :) Ahh, big sigh of relief.
I emailed the teacher last night and told her, so she really has my thanks for playing it just right. Then the little girl standing next to her, said, "Yeah, my bangs are bothering me too, but my mom says I have to grow them out....sigh!" LOL

Now on the way to school [(she didn't want to go and was so afraid of being teased...which we talked about and about and what to do and does it matter what others think....yada, yada) and I had apologized for the 10th time for screwing up her hair], she says "Hey, mom, can I cut your hair?"
ME: "Ahhhh, why?" (knowing why!!!)
HER: "I want you to look funny too...."

I don't know if this lesson needs to go so far as to let her pay me back.....although, I love that she has the guts to suggest such a thing. LOL I wouldn't have dared say that to my mom...and she sure did mess up my hair more than once. LOL

Sooo, in a show of solidarity (and extreme guilt LOL) I am off to get my bangs trimmed....but not scalped. :)  We can look like Amelie together. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Challenge 18 - Back to School (New images and Freebie posted)

This is my entry into our weekly challenge. It has a new image: Schoolgirl (click here). :) Isn't she cute? I wish I was that well-put together when I was in school. I was more definitely not this cool. LOL

Our schools started this week and I gave this card to my daughter's teacher (some of you saw it last week. Our school colors are purple).

You can find all of these new images here. :) Don't forget to grab the background blackboard paper as our freebie in the PCP group...it will be up for 2 days just like last week, then it will be in the store here.

I hope everyone has a great first week of school or last week of summer. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Freebie Posted and Meet Milton the NerdyBot

This is Milton the NerdyBot. He would be any teacher's pet....I mean bot. :) His blackboard paper is our freebie for the next 48 hours. Find it in our PCP group if you are a member. If you aren't a member, please ask to join. :) NerdyBot is already in the shop here. :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stand Out in a Crowd

In school, I was always too scared to rock the boat...I went along with pretty much the fashions and the trends (when I knew what they were LOL). I never set them. Looking back, I wonder why. :) 
I wish I had stood out more, so this is for all those who do...be true to you. 

If you have someone who does stand out, here are two stamps to suit them. :) The stamp comes alone, but I added the grey girl background to the shop too...You can adapt the background to suit you as necessary...I can envision some different ways to use it. :) Find them both here. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A+ is for Avenger!

I think this little teacher's pet deserves an A+...I love these little Avengers and used this one to make a card for daughter's new teacher....We are very lucky in our teacher this year. My daughter is going to have a great year.....I just jinxed myself, didn't I??? LOL Nah!!! Nice teacher, nice kid, all mixed into a gifted and talented program...it will be great. :) 

So here is the card with A+ Avenger: Teachers are Super Hereos in Disquise....get it?? LOL I chose purple as the main color to represent the school colors. The digital stamp is in the shop here. :)
I colored this in photoshp and then printed the whole thing...twice. Then I cut out the girl and popped her up over the ribbon.
As a former teacher, I really believe this sentiment is true. I may go back to teaching one day just so I can get that disguise. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Illustration Friday - Atmosphere

It has been over a year since I have participated in Illustration Friday and this week came at just the right moment. I happen to have an atmosphere painting done in Photoshop. :)
I think this little guy has been traveling through a rather barren atmosphere, but he looks happy. :) Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1800 Member Freebie and Please Read

Hi everyone, 
Tiddly Inks has grown very quickly and I can't thank you enough for your support. :) I  have added a new freebie (in the PCP group) as a thank you for your continued support of Tiddly Inks. We are well over 1800 members in the PCP group in about 5 months and that is shocking--and wonderful! :)
While I appreciate all the love and support, I would like to gently remind you of the Terms of Use for the digis---they are posted on this blog in full and come with each freebie. I ask that each user read and follow these rules. Infractions directly lead to lost sales and problems for me. I  would much rather spend my time drawing then asking people not to infringe or steal/share images. 
However, I would like to touch on the important aspect of NOT sharing the files. Simply, the only person who is allowed to use/color your digital image (whether is purchased or free) is YOU (and your small, young children) but NOT your sister or your best friend. This is part of the agreement in purchasing or accepting the images. I rely on and appreciate your financial support and honesty. Please consider that if everyone gives even a few images away to family and friends, you directly impact my sales--repeatedly. If your friends and family need a Tiddly fix, they can stop by the PCP group because there are always freebies posted. So please, do not include my digis in swaps or as RAKs and gifts. I am happy to provide a gift certificate or send your favorite person the gift you purchase if you need to share the love. :) 
Tiddly Inks is a one-person artist and shop...I do it all and I do it a lot. LOL I work very hard to provide fun images and your support allows me to remain an artist and support my daughter. I don’t have helpers or any minions to direct...when you email, you get me and I try to email with a smile. :)

So please consider the ramifications before copying, sharing, giving away, or any other actions that might apply here. I do greatly appreciate the 99% of you who are following these rules and supporting me with great enthusiasm and joy. That makes me love and enjoy all that I do. :) 

Support of Tiddly Inks doesn’t have to come through purchasing on a regular basis (although that helps LOL). It can be by posting a blog badge or telling your local stampers about me. If you are only able to accept my freebies at this point, please try to support me by word of mouth (either blogging or locally) and sharing something positive about Tiddly Inks. I would appreciate that very much.

I feel very fortunate to be able to do this and I love being a part of your creativity.  
Thank again for everything. 
Here is a short recap of the terms of use...you may read the full file above if you wish. If in some way, I didn’t cover what you want to do, please ask me first.
  • Only the single, original purchaser has the right to use the product. 
  • Retain the copyright signature on the art if at all possible.
  • This is only for personal use--you may sell handmade cards, but not the images themselves. 
  • You may not claim this as your own design.
  • You may not give, share (that includes swaps or RAKs), or sell this design (or your finished colored version of my design) as a digital file or printed sheet without my permission.  
  • It would be greatly appreciated if you would credit www.tiddlyinks.com wherever the design is posted. This helps me build new friends even if you can’t support me by purchasing at this time.
  • If I didn’t cover it, it probably isn’t okay without asking....Ask me first. I am pretty reasonable.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Challenge 17 - Movie Magic

Our challenge this week is Movie Magic and I have loved The Princess Bride since I was a teenager (along with everyone else LOL), so I had to do something with that. However, I was stumped on how to handle this one, but suddenly on Sunday, this idea came to me.

I didn't make a card, but instead created a fake movie poster to showcase the newest digital stamp As You Wish. It was fun and I wish I had had time to do more. I could have spent a few more hours on this, but hey...I don't have a farm boy to do my bidding. LOL

You can find the cloud paper, the castle digital stamp, and the couple in the shop here.
There are some new fairies in the shop this week too, so stop back by tomorrow to see what I did with them. :) I have been having a lot of fun painting.

Hope you have a magical week if I don't see you soon. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Take a Peek

Anyone checked out the latest version of Paper Creations magazine?
This is a screen shot of their website.
Guess whose design in on the cover?? Well, it is my Monstah image for Stamping Bella and Michele Boyer used it to make the card on the cover, but still....LOL

I went to Hobby Lobby and there were my little monsters looking at me!!! Weird. LOL
In the inside pages, there is another one of my HuggABuggs from Stamping Bella.

Just sharing...congrats to Michele on making some beautiful cards. :) The whole magazine is filled with beautiful work.

Contest for the Front Page - Make it Round!

I was looking at the front of the shop and I think I am in need of a new card for the front page of Tiddly Inks digital shop and I would like it to be round. :)
I don't own the tools to make precisely round cards, although I love them, so I am turning to all the gifted artisans reading this.

The current card on the front page was created by my friend Donna and it is a lovely match for the front of the shop. :)

Here are some additional samples created by Donna. :)

If you think you can create the perfect card for the front of the shop, then please submit it to me at tiddlyinks87@gmail.com. :) I prefer CAS cards and designs that allow the image to be the main feature. (Hint: please avoid silk flowers, unless they are small.) Since we are trying to match the colors on the front page, these are the main colors to consider:

I used B01 and then lightly shaded with a random blue prismacolor marker--either light cerulean blue (PM 48) or muted torquoise (PM 196). I used E13 (light sepia) and E37 (sepia) for her shoes. I like to shade with YG91 (Putty) for various places on white and light areas. The red is R27 mixed with R39. The hair is colored with various yellows, but the main two are Y38 and Y 13.
I will choose a few cards from the pool and feature them on the shop's front page and on the blog in the next few months, with credit to your shop and add it to the gallery with your watermark. :) The prize for being chosen is a gift voucher for $10 to shop in the store in the same month that your card is featured. Any questions? Just let me know in the comments section. An alternative prize can be a watermark design just for you if you don't have one. :)

EDIT: Someone asked what the deadline was, so I am adding that I will be considering cards submitted by Aug 31 for right now. I am always open to people who would like to be featured though. This is a very important representation of the shop, so it will need to be a knock out card and I will always be happy to see such cards. :)

New DT! Welcome

I am so excited to introduce our new DT members. They have already produced some amazing and truly gorgeous images over the past week and I ...